New Hair-Do

Do you ever sit down in your hair-dressers chair and say...
"do what ever you want?"
I do...and did.

She was in the mood to cut and she did.

I came home and made a pot of coffee and waited for my beloved to come in for coffee.
He smiled big.
"you had short hair like that when I met you".


So..we're all good here in the bungalow!

And as always..
I like to keep you in the loop!

all for now..


  1. It's always nice to get a good reaction. Very cute!

  2. I long for a new style but with my thin and fine hair there isn't too much choice! Your new do looks really youthful and cute! Glad he liked it too.

  3. It looks great on you! I can't say I have ever given my stylist free reign. Maybe I will have to try day.

  4. Love it! Hair is so fun to mess with! I always remind myself that it will grow back if I hate it and I've never hated a radical change yet. Enjoy! And you will enjoy fall outfits all the more.

  5. So cute and it suits you perfectly!

  6. Very cute ~ the new "do" and your husband's reaction.

  7. Very cute and stylish. Looking forward to seeing it for real on Saturday.

  8. It's always fun to try something new, and even better when it turns out as well as this did. Enjoy your new style. It will look great with your winter hats.

  9. I love your new haircut. It's very becoming.

  10. LOVE.IT! I have to say, I felt a bit sad when you grew out your last shortish haircut. You had short hair when I "met" you and I thought it was so cute on you. This new do is wonderful and suits you to a t! Just love it!

  11. Bet you get a sly kiss on the back of your neck when you aren't expecting it...

  12. Pretty! And what a sweet thing for your hubby to say :) Looking good!


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