The Tulip Tree

He mowed up the leaves one more time.
I don't know why...
to clean up for the tree fallers maybe.

If you have never been told that Tulip Trees are prone to aphids...
consider yourself warned.

We have been battling aphids on our tree for years and this year was the final straw.
Each and every leaf looked like this.

The aphids eat the leaves and the sap drips like we are having a light spring shower.

Back in the "olden days"...
we used the now forbidden insecticide  that we painted around the trunk of the tree...
but when that bottle ran out...
we ran out of options.

"Lady bugs...that's what you need."  they said.

OH?  really..
and would you deliver them in a shipping container?

The tree had ladybugs...
and they lived in harmony...
along with the wasps.

I was chomped twice last week by wasps.
And I wasn't even been antagonistic to them.

The tree faller was beckoned to come and give the tulip tree it's release of a life prone to aphids.

I felt like it was showing me how valuable it is...
Where will we get  shade from next summer?

Not this tulip tree.

That chipper made me shudder at how quickly it devoured it's prey.

It started to look like a Dr Suess tree.

I started to think about palm trees...
and wondered if we left it like this if people would laugh.

The tree faller must love that last zip to take off the last Puff.

And so it is.
On a cloudy day ...
I feel like I have more light in my kitchen.
That's good..

There will be no more swinging from that tree..
or snow clinging to delicate branches.

There will however be firewood.

And that's that!

The good news is that people were over for dinner...
and didn't notice the big gaping space.

Count the years with me...
where do they go?

all for now..


  1. I can only see the last 2 pictures, but I know EXACTLY what you're talking about. We have a tulip tree. And this year it will be cut down. The aphids, wasps, ladybugs and raining sap were too much for us this year, covering our vehicles, our entire front lawn, the front of our house, etc. I love the shade it gives us in the hot afternoon sun but the cons are outweighing that one pro....

  2. Even I am sorry your tulip tree had to go... but by the sound of it .. You made the right choice! It's a good thing new trees can be planted. I missed seeing all but the last two photos as well. Fun to count the rings. Did you plant that tree when you moved to the farm?

  3. I also can only see the last 2 photos. The same thing happened with another BC blogger yesterday. I'm sure you will miss the tree but sometimes the added brighter view is better. When we had 10 trees cut down in the summer it made the house so much brighter and I think I'll really enjoy it in the winter when the days are shorter and the sun is lower.

  4. only the last 2 photos for me too. I had a healthy tulip tree in a previous rental. maybe It would have become unpleasant later on. I do have a gigantic oak tree in my yard now that spits sap like that. Some helpful men trimmed it back quite a bit this year so the sap wasn't too bad, but we still had a fine coat over the whole yard, and the wasps enjoyed it. No clothesline for me. The tree has some historical significance so I think it will stay where it is until it is unsafe. The leaves in the fall, sap in the spring/early summer and acorns in the late summer ... what a mess!

  5. I saw a Pinterest page where tree trunk slices like on that last shot were made into placemats. Kind of a fun "tribute" idea for outdoor dining.

    Will you miss having a tree there? Replacing or not?

  6. that's a difficult decision to bring the final "breath" to an old friend - including a tree. That said, I understand the perils of black sticky stuff everywhere!

    ONE thing - I cannot see the photos at the begin of your blog story re: tree here - i can see the final two pix - yes, i have refreshed the page etc. fyi - I can see all the bubble pix perfectly. I'll leave it with you.

    Looking fwd to more of your posts as we enter the harvest and cooking / baking time of year. Cooler weather, cooler kitchens! - Okanagan fan

  7. I could feel the sentiments you shared in this post. Trees become a part of your property and I become saddened when something like this happens. Like you, I truly would miss the tree.


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