Last Christmas I was given this sweet little Lemon Scented Cypress.
It was wired into a Charlie Brown Tree with a single little ball drooping from the top.
It's grown and I thought several times I should plant it outside..
but now I think it would be shocked and not appreciate being sent out.

I guess when the roots start heading back up the pot...
it is time.

It will live inside another winter..
and then I'll send it out with the big trees.

This plant..
a gift from my kids ..
was also repotted.
I keep working the vine into the circle and hope it blooms now again.

I think it is Jasmine.
Does that seem right?
It flowered...
and the scent was fabulous.
I'm asking since I can't remember!

I wonder...
is it Stephnotis?

Have you re-potted lately?


  1. Oh boy, I need to do this!! I still have some lovely ferns from my mom's plants that desperately need repotting. They are currently out in our sunroom and need some attention soon before they need to be moved in.

  2. I have for years wished for something that would live indoors all winter, like to be outside in summer, but look imporant, :) as these two surely do.

    I wonder though when you say it will live inside, do you mean at your house temperature or do you keep it in a cooler place.

    I know if I want something that looks good, I'll have to buy these nearly full grown. That's the difference between 'there' and here.


  3. No, but I will be soon. My Easter cactus somehow toppled over onto the deck. I don't know how long it was there before I found it. The pot was shattered. Hope that it makes it... No suitable pot yet found.

    I know nothing of exotic, sweet-smelling plants. Hope that someone does!

  4. I admire your care for your potted plants. I have exactly two plants in the entire house. One is a Christmas cactus that blooms whenever it jolly well pleases, and the other is an unidentified leafy extravaganza that survives on the kitchen windowsill despite my neglect. The last thing I successfully re-potted and then planted out was a grocery store miniature rose that I put out into the garden where it has given me two seasons of delightful, full-size blooms.

  5. Sharon, the answer to your question as to where it will be in the house is just at you will be at our normal house temperature. It did really well last winter so I am hoping t will do well again.
    I can imagine that it would be really important to look at the zone rating when you purchase shrubs where you live. Here we hardly think about it since our winters are mainly wet.

  6. There are a few plants that need re potting around here but I just don't know if it will happen. You reminded me of that lovely night blooming Jasmine that grows all over the place in Southern California. The aroma when you walk past is so lovely!!

  7. ,,actually since you asked, I've been looking for the right pots to transplant 2 of my indoor plants. I bought the soil already....just can't find what I want. I'm thinking of stopping in at MCC to take a look.

  8. The only Jasmine I know is my winter blooming one planted outside by the creek. It blooms in late winter and is very sweet smelling. I'm so bad at indoor potted plants, that I'll not be giving advice!

  9. Sadly most of my indoor potted plants have been the kind that don't make it past one season.
    Probably my fault, but I'm just happy it's longer than fresh flowers. I love bringing some green into the house, though.

  10. I think your mystery plant is Hoya. I have one that is about 36 years old hanging in our living room. I got the root from my mother's plant. It hasn't bloomed for 3 years now for some reason. I keep watering and fertilizing it but nothing. Google it and you will find lots of info on it. Were the blossoms pink with many small blooms in clusters? They have a very heady perfume. My brother wants a slip from mine but I'm ready to give him the whole plant so I can hang a photo collage on the wall behind it. :)

  11. Yes - it sure looks like a Hoya plant - the perfume from Hoya blossoms is very exotic.
    Were the blossoms white with a pink centre and in clusters like cherries ?

  12. Keep it inside for another winter before sending it out...for sure! Those little trees make great house plants. I'm down to one live plant in the house right now. My plants usually get re-placed instead of repotted.


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