BMX British Columbia Championships

Five years...
eight months...
and twenty three days old...
and he has participated in his first Championship race.

When our national anthem began and I saw those big kids fly across the track with our flag I felt teary and it wasn't only because singing the line in the anthem "God keep our land..."
...always gives me a lump in my throat.

It's because life happens so fast and I suspect unless I pay close attention I'm going to miss the  little details that combined will make him into who he will one day become.

(photo courtesy Abbotsford BMX club)

He rode fast in three heats (for six years old and under) and then made it into the finals.
It was hot even in the shade and I wanted to bathe his face with a cold wet cloth...
he's tough and being sweaty when you are a boy is a mark of something...
or other.

Speaking of shade...
I shared my shade and Little Oh (the little brother) learned how to press the spring button to open up the shade.
I soon discovered that my job was to deflate the shade so he could inflate it again.

I watched him and noted that he is still quite little.
It made me happy to think that though he is just over two...
most people would agree he is just a baby.
I think he should stay that way.
(just sayin'....)

I baked cinnamon rolls in the morning before we went.
He had one before his first race.
I like to do my part and provide some carbs. 
 (insert smile here as I watched him devour it...
like a boy)

He came in fourth.
In BC!
I'll admit..
I was super proud of him since he has only been in the club for a few months.

I hope he always loves to race for the joy of riding.
He is learning to be a good sport and fist pump's his competitors when he wins...
and loses.

is something he doesn't have too often so it was quite exciting to select a few colours and sip that frosty goodness.

I have to admit...
that even I was standing in line.
Who doesn't love a free froster?

I of course...
 am always watching for reactions.
Isn't that why we blog?

It is September and in someways I feel that this is the beginning of blogging season for me.
The children go back to school and I begin to think about fall and re-evaluate what I do with my time.
I want to capture  moments that make smiles.

According to this article on..
  If you are thinking about a new hobby for fall you might want to consider beginning a blog. 
 If you do...let me know!

Since 2006 I've been creating a chronicle of family history..
a legacy in black and white
and hoping to leave something more than a "snap chat".

I think those of you who blog will recognize reasons you blog in the article.

We didn't have blogs when our children were this little but I know beyond a doubt that I would have been blogging back then if there had been.
I'm catching up and sharing things from my perspective now.

If he reads this post one day...
he'll know how much I loved him and his scary sport.
He'll know that I was there...
cheering him on and bringing him cinnamon rolls because he loves them so much.
He'll know that I thought 4th place in his first ever championship race was pretty fantastic and something to cheer about.
He'll know that there were things that mattered most to me.

He'll know.

all for now...
(PS...# 9 in the so true...isn't it?)


  1. Now that's pretty exciting for your grandson to come 4th in the province! Congratulations to him. You are blessed to be able to join your grandchildren for such events in their lives. I love that you are chronicling life as well, in you blog. I guess I am in some ways, when I take photos of things we do and see, whether it's a trip west or a walk down the road here. I really enjoy blogging. I'm going to read that article now. Thanks for sharing your grandson's special day. Blessings. Pam

  2. How exciting for a young man to compete and succeed AND enjoy the sport! Methinks you will be spending many hours at racetracks in the coming years.

    I smiled at you baking him cinnamon buns....I did a a bunch of baking this weekend for my sons in light of school starting tomorrow. Andrew finally asked -"why do you do all this?" I stammered to explain that it's my way of honouring them as they start the new year. A little later he came back and thanked me. Happy sigh.

    Always enjoy reading your writing! Thanks for sharing your family and thoughts!

  3. Way to Go! Looks like the whole family is out cheering on your BMX boy. The treats are all good motivation and you caught the appreciative look on his face. Your family history documenting will be enjoyed for years to come.

  4. Very exciting victory for him! I'm going to have to click on that link and read that article. I've been thinking about a few people who would really benefit from blogging...

  5. Wow! I am cheering #4 from here! Are you not blessed to live close by? Beautiful post Lovella.
    The list of reasons to blog: #4, to hone one's writing skills. I originally planned for that to happen as I blogged but actually my writing got sloppier as I went; I wanted to communicate as fast as possible. The wonderous honing came in observation skills. Little and large events framed themselves into blog material; snippets became treasured memories upon posting.

  6. Okay, I had zero intention of reading the article until your parting comment. Now I will.

    Wow! He really is not a little boy anymore. Fourth place is a great achievement! Bet you're all wearing grins when you think of it. to read...

  7. I love relating to the feelings that are not often expressed - but so real in our hearts. I love that our grands will one day read what we felt...
    This post is a keeper... you probably cried as you wrote it and I am so glad you inspired me to blog for all of the reasons listed on that site your shared.
    Your boys are growing up. I notice they got haircuts. Little Oh - I hate to tell you,he does not look like a baby any more =) but still oh so cute! Waht a privelege to watch them grow!

  8. Congratulations to your 5 year, 8 month and 23 day old little athlete!! 4th in B.C. is amazing!!! Of course you were there and made his favourite cinnamon buns!! You are amazing too Grammie.
    I read the article and yes #7 is so true! You MGCC ladies are what really inspired me to start. I have had many bumps on the way with disapproval but am determined to keep writing. I realize that not everyone thinks this is worthy but it has been such a release for me and I hope not to hurt anyone along the way.

  9. Great post....I love how you just get right in there and cheer him along. That's the best part of supporting our grands...and with their yummy food.
    I also enjoyed your blurb about blogging. The more I think about's more to do with things that are happening in my live that I truly value and hope like you said that others will feel encouraged and that it truly leaves a legacy for our children.
    It's all about "What Matters Most"
    I think I'm almost teary eyed.

  10. Long time reader, first time commentor...
    Thanks for linking to the article, I am definitely in need of some blog motivation.
    Love the everyday details you capture:)

  11. I, too, have been a long time reader & was encouraged by your blog to start a blog too. My blog began in May 07 with the intention to post about the quilts I sew & a picture or 2 from my garden. When I expanded my photography skills, I posted more pictures. During the past 18 months I posted about selling our house, downsizing & building a smaller home.
    My journey now, since Aug. 8, is not one that I chose, but this is the path that our Heavenly Father is guiding me & walking with me. As time allows & words come, I will write more on my blog. Thanks for sharing your family, Lovella, as well as your heart. It is always encouraging to read about your life.

  12. Wow! Fourth in all of BC is a HUGE accomplishment! What he'll remember, apart from the thrill, the frostee and the fun was his family there, cheering him on!

  13. Wow. Most special! Congrats to your grandson.

    Great article about blogging...reinforcing my reasons for doing so.

  14. My heart felt a touch of pride as I read this post. The smiles on your grandson's face in the last pictures revealed how happy his success made him. I had to smile as I read the one little sentence tucked in there, that revealed your grandmother's heart too, in that you baked cinnamon buns to add to the fun of the day. Congratulations to him!

    I appreciate that you shared the article on blogging and found it helpful. I think back over my blogging years and I think about how my world has been expanded, and I continue to learn so much from others. I must admit though, I do wish I had paid closer attention to all my English and Creative Writing teachers in school:) Blogging has proven to be an unusual and fascinating outlet in my life. Thank you Lovella for blogging.


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