chucking the ball

When grandgirlie was over for part of last week for "her" holidays...
she won the heart of Kobee.

Determined to learn to  play fetch with Kobe, she patiently tried by trial and error to chuck that ball and scoop it up...
almost as good as I can.

Perseverance paid off and eventually she mastered putting that ball back into the chucker...

...again and again.

For the most part...
there were no limits on where Kobe would go to retrieve...

but every now and then she (Kobe) would stand at the edge of the "woods" ...
and look at her wee master to come assist.

The wee master wouldn't chuck that ball until Kobe was seated..
after all...the ball deserved a fighting chance to sail through the air before being captured once more.

Sometimes...that ball was hard to align back up perfectly to stick back in the chucker...

...and I sensed that Kobe thought it was all part of the game. 

Once it was though...
there was no cutting the edges...
there was no chucking from that wee master...
until "sit" was obeyed.

all for now...


  1. Such fun! I think Sophie would like that game too. (Love love love the pretty rubber boots!!)

  2. What fun to see! Kobe is such a good dog and your little grandgirlie is a very patient ball chucker, too! She sure looks fine all dressed in pinks. Were you worried that she'd get too enthusiastic with the ball chucking? (The wearing of the helmet?)

  3. Oh no! I see the bike! Must pay attention!!

  4. So adorable!! Thanks for this delightful post today Lovella. You tell a weave a great story. Have lots of "holiday" fun today!

  5. Oh, that is cute! She is a talented wee master!

  6. Grandparent pets that love grandchildren are awesome! Glad Kobe loves the kids!

  7. What great entertainment for both of them!

  8. Kobe was so good to wait for the ball to be chucked!
    G'girlie had her rules down pat. Sit first, Kobe!

  9. Too cute! Who knew Kobe would be so entertaining for your grands?

  10. So much fun for Kobe and your grandgirlie. Makes me wish we still had a dog (just for a moment :)

  11. Dogs and grandkids are just the best. It looks like Kobe has found his place in your family. I love her pink outfit. Fits to a tee.

  12. Kobe is so precious. And so is your little one!

  13. Couldn't you just watch all day? There's nothing better!

  14. This is one of the cutest posts ever! I love watching their mutual admiration growing throughout the whole game time.


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