roadside treasures

While the east coast is digging out of the major snowstorm...
we here on the west coast had a sunny 8 Celsius Sunday.
Maybe the saying that everyone and their dog was outside is true..
at least it was in our neck of the woods.

As we walked I was taken back to the ways of my Dad in law.
He had the knack of driving and stopping on a dime when he spotted a treasure on the side of the road.
We were walking and I was dawdling behind when directly in front of me my beloved stopped and began to pick up screws.

I stopped and helped...
of course.
He seems to make many stops at the lumber yard and so he knew the cost of one screw...
and when a man is in the middle of a treasure find ...
his math skills are like no other.

Feeling great about saving tires...
and his own money...
we walked and chatted and though I never mentioned it...
I thought about Dad.

It wasn't long and he mentioned it himself.
Oh the things that Dad found on the side of the road..
because he had the vision of a  hawk when it came to road side treasures.

When we got home I brewed a pot of coffee and we spent some time just relaxing against the house where the sun's warmth was felt at it's best.

We closed our eyes and pretended we were in..
The Bahamas...
Palm Springs...

places where those we love are currently enjoying the kind of sunshine that calls for short sleeves and shorts.

all for now...


  1. What a cool pic of the hawk! So glad that we didn't get all that snow...I'm in spring mode. :-)

  2. Your side of the country certainly looks very different from ours!! We're digging out today in beautiful sunshine. But guess what's predicted tomorrow? Rain!

  3. We didn't have any sunshine on the Island this weekend, but we had warm-ish weather, and like you, got out for some walks. My mum has the eagle eye for roadside and beach treasures. I didn't inherit the gene!

  4. John would do the same. He's a roadside warrior and a dump-picker extraordinaire. Wonder why someone chucked out all those screws on the side of the road...perhaps fallen from a passing truck. Anyway, glad that no one's tires will be punctured.

    Your corner is looking as if spring will arrive any second now. My corner looks like the North Pole.

  5. Wow - it sure does look like Spring over there! Our roadside treasures are still under ice and snow today but predictions are that rain and milder temps are on the way this week. I long for Spring!

  6. Love it when thoughts are congruent! The shot of the hawk is amazing. Glad you were able to enjoy the sunshine.

  7. Happy for you that happy thoughts come as added blessing during walks and relaxation.

  8. Sounds like the perfect stroll. Great memories re kindled of a wonderful dad. I could sure use some sunshine, but yesterday was a great day here and the I won't complain. Happy for those who are on holidays!

  9. That sounds like a day in April in NB. :) We always look for 'treasures' along the roadside when we walk. One day hubby found an old antenna for a small radio and took it home. I thought he should toss it in the garbage but he kept it. A few weeks ago I was trying to pick up my favourite radio station on a receiver in the living room but it needed an antenna. Yes, the antenna he found fit perfectly and now I can enjoy listening to the radio in the living room. You just never know. :)

  10. Sounds like a perfect day to me! What fun to remember special people by the things they did. Happy memories are gifts we treasure. My dad was like that too.


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