A new shade

We often feel the need for a change in January.
Painting a room might not quite have the same effect as a tropical get away...
but ..  it's a change.

One thing seems to lead to another and it was decided that the ceiling also needed some freshening up.

The Shade of Grey Green was just a bit lighter...same tone.

My job was to paint the grooves in the old panelling.
Remember when all houses of a particular era had panelling?

More striping.

He would follow behind me.
We painted to the music of that era.
I listened to the words of "I honestly love you"...
remember that?
He reminded me again how he disliked that song then...
and still does.

And there we have the two colors side by side before the right side of the room was painted.
It only wet my appetite for more painting...
and more lighter tones.

For now though...we are editing again and my attention is gone in another direction.

all for now.. 


  1. A nice chore to do together. I was never a fan of that song either. How many times did he have to listen to it?

  2. Very nice. The trends are certainly going back to light and bright.

  3. Gorgeous colour! Winter is a great time to do some indoor painting for sure. Our bedroom needs a new coat.......hmmm I might need to take some inspiration from this post today!

  4. We're on the same tangent, picking colours for the bathroom. I don't like painting at all, but have a SIL who does. Bonus!

  5. I love your choice of colors. So it's the grooves you were painting. Yes, we used to have that panel board in various wood tones. It's always refreshing when you have completed another task. I loved your draping.

  6. Nice new fresh shade! I like your groovy part of the job...one I can identify with.

  7. Painting grooves with Olivia Newton John sounds like a stress free job. I like both colors, but this one will make you feel like Spring has arrived!

  8. Very nice fresh update. I was try to leave the house when Dear is painting. You are a good co-worker!

  9. Oh yes, my Brooklyn home had painted paneling! I actually loved the look of it! Thankfully this house in Colorado was freshly painted before being put up for sale, and I like the colors enough to keep them for a few years. There is so much to do with a move -- and I am happy not to need to paint right now. I love the colors you chose and look forward to seeing the room completed, Lovella!

  10. Light and bright for the next few years. I like your choices and direction!

  11. Great job with the painting!
    Lovella, I'm trying to find Charlotte's recipe for Maple twists, and can't seem to locate your blog post about it. The posts with links take me to a page that says, "Sorry, the page you were looking for in this blog does not exist". Please tell me where I can find this recipe, and also, can you make and freeze them ahead of time to bake later?

    1. Hi Brenda,
      I did have the Maple Twists on my blog page but removed it when it came out in our cookbook. If you send me your email adress, I will be happy to email it to you.
      They do freeze very well.

    2. Brenda, I dug it up out of the archives and you can find it here...

    3. Oh! YUM! Thank you SO much!! I really appreciate your quick reply . . . I've just spent hours (literally!) searching for this on the computer. 'Can;t wait to bake some yummy twists tomorrow!! Thanks again Lovella!

  12. This inspired me today. I like you can make a tedious job like painting, seem fun and exciting. I like your paint choices. I prefer Benjamin Moore paints too.
    I look forward to seeing the finished room.


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