Outdoor tea party

While Grandgirlie enjoyed her holidays here...
we celebrated Valentines Day.
She wanted to make Grandpa a special tea party...
but he was very busy in the barns powerwashing.
Her and I put our heads together and decided to take advantage of the sunshine and bring the tea party outside to him.
Blueberry smoothies and Blueberry muffins.
She had a supply of fresh water in her creamer...
and ran in to refill it as fast as Grandpa could drink his share.
Tea Party...
made with love...


  1. So adorable! Blueberry smoothies, blueberry muffins, and warm sunshine - what could be better for a fun Tea Party!?

  2. Taking Grandpa a special tea is going to be one of those wonderful memories. What a generous heart she has! How dear of you to help her plan. (I'm sure that it was no trouble for Grandpa to enjoy the tea.)

  3. That is so special! And how nice that you could actually enjoy it outdoors in the sunshine too!

  4. Such fun and what a sweet memory documented! I'm getting a little envious of the spring-like conditions out there :)

  5. Most special...for Grandpa and for Grandgirlie. There won't be any outdoor parties today!

  6. Wow! So you Canadians don't still need your igloos in Feb.?


    Perfect party. Lucky Terry!

  7. Now this was a brilliant idea! Tea in the sunshine and Grandpa was still able to work ;) I look forward to when my granddaughter is old enough to have tea parties :)

  8. So sweet ... every child should have those kind of memories to tuck into the making of their life!

  9. HAPPY BIRTHDAY LOVELLA!!! A little birdie told me it was your special day!

  10. Happy Birthday, we share the day! Angharad


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