Murder Mystery and Family Parties

During the week we received an invitation in the mail to join in the fun of a murder mystery party. intrigue and planning and the anticipation was fantastic.

On Friday night we travelled a great distance...a short distance...
 knocked on the door and the party began.
Hosted by my brother and sister in law Gerry and Heidi,
we arrived to their flat in Hawaii the Fraser Valley and were soon drawn into the plot and subtle hints about who the guilty party might be.

The characters were played out perfectly and ....

completely believable.
It was good that these friends know how to pretend and be good sports..
because it kept the evening full of suspense.

If you have never participated in a murder mystery party I whole heartedly endorse the fun.
The game is played out so that everyone including the host and hostess are kept in the dark as to the true villain until the entire play is read out and the detective work is complete.

I came with him...
and went home with him.

I put my playdough making skills to good use during the week.
As a neurosurgeon I just couldn't put my work aside.

Even grown ups need to pretend now and then and since most of us will never be part of an academy awards in real life...
we can at least enjoy acting out a few plays.

It wasn't all about the mystery though...
Heidi had put together the most delicious meal and we enjoyed the courses in between acts.

On Saturday morning the family came to brunch.
I was surrounded by flowers and clearly had the seat of honor and made to feel very special since everyone under 5 feet tall begged to sit beside me.

The coming years like the last 54 will fly by.
One of these years they will rather sit beside each other...
so I just soak in my popularity by the younger set now.

After the  candle blowing out practice was exhausted...
we all enjoyed cake.

Turning 54 is a good thing!
Thank you to all you dear ones for loving me as you do.
I am abundantly blessed!!

all for now...


  1. It seems just yesterday that we celebrated you turning 50! Boy these years have flown by and there is so much in the "tweens" .
    May God bless you richly in this year dear Lovella!

  2. Your birthdays are so memorable! You are blessed!

  3. A very good thing...from all accounts. What fun...all your celebrations!

  4. What fun times! Like Ellen says it does seem like yesterday we watched you turn 50. It's sweet to see how the family and the love has grown since then!

  5. It looks like you had one hoot and you all played the characters so well. And it's fun to see how the little ones come gather around you for your special day.

  6. Looked like a great time...
    Happy Birthday...Oh, to be 54 again...
    Love from NC

  7. Oh this all looks like so much fun! I think Gery and Heidi put together the perfect party for you! Love that and the family who fights to sit beside you on your special day! Happy Birthday!

  8. Oh a fun weekend for sure. You're making 54 look fantastic!

  9. That party was sooooo much fun. A perfect way to host a dinner party. I'm so glad that you enjoyed your family time and took in all the popularity. 54 is good:)

  10. Happy Birthday Lovella!!!! What fun the Murder Mystery looks like!!! i have always wanted to host one or attend one -- but haven't yet. :( One of these days!!!!! Have a good week!!

  11. Happy Belated Birthday Lovella! What an interesting, fun, and out-of-box type post you shared today. I never know what I will find here. The Murder Mystery dinner looks like the most fun, and with creativity running rampant among the guests present, it was enjoyable to see every picture. I never attended one, but I do have some ideas now running through my head.

    As for being the popular one at the party at this stage of life. I do understand that too. I saw love for you, seeping out through every picture of your dinner. How blessed they all are to have you in their lives. I wish you many more years of life, to keep blessing them with your pressence.

    By the way, the other day at the grocery store, I purchased a bag of frozen meatballs only because they at your name on them:) "Lovella's meat balls", who would have thought! Even though I am sure you had nothing to do with making them, I would not be surprised if someday you would. Fifty four is a good time to start any new project, especially if you have the backing of the talented MGCC crew:)

  12. Happy Birthday Lovella. May the Lord bless you richly indeed this year.


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