noodles and frosting

Yesterday I put a large chicken in the pot and set it to boil up for some soup.

I combined the simple ingredients in egg noodles and set it aside for noodle rolling in the afternoon.

Grandgirlie fancies herself a professional noodle roller...

and I think she may be getting very close to her goal.

At first the dough is rather rough and hard to roll ...

but she is determined to do it all herself and with my guidance rolled it thinner and thinner ...

until I gave her the okay to start making noodles.

In a little over 30 minutes she was finished...

and I was proud of her.

After little miss muffet finished her nap...
I brought out the frosting and cookies that I had made the day before.

She also..feels quite certain that she can do it herself.

I did give her some tips...

and in the end..
the cookies were frosted and sprinkled and enjoyed.

I love these girls!

all for now...


  1. Nothing like good help in the kitchen! And making noodles...oh my...I've never even done that!

  2. That looks like fun and indeed she is becoming a pro with the noodle making! Love the picture of Little Miss Muffet and the huge glob of icing - under the watchful eyes of her shirt!!! Such preciousness!

  3. These are memories that will stay with her forever. Wonderful memories of time with you in the kitchen.
    I giggled at the the frosting mountain.

  4. Who knows where these noodle making lessons will go? And by the time
    she ralizes you can buy noodles, she will think it's easier to make them than
    run to the store!
    That frosting on the cookie made me smile too!

  5. Happy times! Grandgirlie looks quite tall on that chair.

  6. Looks like lots of fun times in grammy's kitchen!

  7. The best of times. We love those grandbabies, don't we

  8. You have her well-trained in the noodle-making business!


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