mid winter brighteners

I love a quick inexpensive way to brighten up winter.
A fresh ivy is a great way to bring life to a dark room.
For a few dollars it will live even in a dark room until spring.
I did this last year and then added it to my outdoor pots.

I found these very soft and inexpensive cushions at Coscto.

Tulips this time of year...
not from the garden..
at least not mine.

What are you doing to brighten your winter?


  1. That cushion looks so cool. I like the idea of adding ivy inside that can later be added to a pot or window box. It would make such a nice trailer. John brought me primroses yesterday. That has brightened things up a bit.

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  3. Oops - I thought I had published twice and now I see I've deleted my comment . . . oh well I'll start again :)

    I'm loving my tulip bouquets this time of year. The colours really brighten my day. And I also enjoy watching the birds from our kitchen windows - they're a cheery sight. Your pillow and ivy are lovely. It's amazing how the small things can lift your spirits.

  4. It's always fun to add a punch of color at this season to just keep giving us that extra push through the rainy season. I recognize that book. It's a keeper. It brings me light.

  5. You've inspired me to add some brightness to my home - I might just stop and buy an ivy on the way home! Lovely pictures all.

  6. I bought a pink/white/red bouquet of flowers from costco today. I also bought primroses yesterday. Love the tulips and your ivy...

  7. Ivy is a great follow up after the garland comes down. I got so used to seeing green on my mantle and it looks bare now. I love that tulip season is starting . . . at least that is how I feel about February. Love the new cushions!

  8. Me...have to admit my house is in the dreary looking state. I needed this inspiration today. I may have to do a little pick me up here too. Love the pillows!

  9. Ivy...and I usually bend a coat hanger into a heart shape, stick it in the por and train some of the ivy to grow twining around the wire.

    Kinda on a primrose jag right now though...

  10. I like the idea of buying ivy and adding it outdoors in the spring. The cushion is really cute and a nice rosy spring colour. And of course, tulips are the perfect flower to brighten the winter days.

  11. I just noticed the little tulip cart down the street has their buckets of tulips out again! I love that for a couple coins I can come home with a bunch or two!
    I must have great taste... I just came home with the same pretty pillow!

  12. Tulips and ivy...perfect at this time of year. And a great new pillow to boot!

  13. I had a dinner party last night and one of the guests brought a bouquet of tulips...gooooorgeous...it's a great reminder that spring is coming soon! Love the ivy idea!

  14. Today as a special treat I stopped at the garden shop after my morning walk and bought two pots of beautiful primroses, a yellow one and a deep red one. They make me smile!

  15. Lovella, this is totally unrelated to your current post, but, I was about to make your chicken with anise seed recipe for supper, and it has been removed from the MGCC website. I looked on google, and nothing compares to your wonderful recipe that I have made only once and can't remember it exactly. Any advice?

    1. Hi, You can find the Chicken Anise recipe here...
      It is also in our cookbook.

  16. I like the look of ivy too. I think your vignette that you did with the ivy.
    I would have been so happy to have found that cushion at Costco. I am going to look at ours the next time I go. The tulips brightened my day.


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