the blessings at the lake house

An invitation is always a gift!
When the invitation is a special treat to be with special friends...
it is an extraordinary gift.

Anneliese and her H invited us all to the lakehouse for the afternoon and dinner.
When we arrived....Anneliese was busy putting together some salads.

Chairs had already been set out for visiting ...

...and I just soaked in the beauty which was both intentional and natural.

Just last week I was wishing we could participate in a elegant picnic and here it was.
We may not have all been wearing the required white outfits but the food was delicious and the friendship around the table was more than pure white perfection.

There was six of us with our husbands.
Four missing and missed so much.

We went to have a look at the fallen apple tree and set ourselves upon the trunk for a photo opportunity.

The fair has nothing on the free tire ride.

The smiles and the laughter were authentic.

I was dizzy.

I want a tire swing...
no surprise there.

Harv and Bev brought Salmon that had been recently caught on a fishing trip and Harv prepared it in his smoke house grill.

There is that moment before we all sit down when we just enjoy the table before us.
(Bev's Photo)
We sang the doxology...

....and broke bread together ...
and fellowshipped around the table.

Ellen and and her "dear"  left a bit before us.
Off they went...
hand in hand to cross the border.
It was a gift that they came.

From the kitchen I enjoyed seeing the men enjoying conversations.

Just as the sun was setting a full double rainbow across the lake was provided by God.
We each felt a dozen sprinkles of rain and given a rainbow of unproportioned beauty.

His promises are always true and I took that home with me.

Thank you Lord for the blessings at the lake house!
I am grateful.

all for now...


  1. What a delightful treat! Good friends, good food, great location!

    Thanks for sharing it with us!


  2. What a beautiful spot for an outdoor meal. It looks lovely and I really enjoyed the photos of you girls on the old apple tree and on the tire swing. The salmon looks delicious. Fun times and great memories.

  3. Beautiful setting for an amazing time with friends! Did God send that rainbow without any rain? Because THAT is amazing!

  4. What a great way to enjoy the last days of summer! Beautiful setting, special friends, fun and fellowship, and delicious food. Blessings indeed!

  5. Our family has such fond memories of being together with Anneliese's family at the lakehouse. It is a really wonderful place. Looks like you had a perfect evening!

  6. What a fun time we had...a delightful treat indeed! Great photos and re-cap of our evening, Lovella.

  7. From that first smile from your hostess to the everything so lovely and fun between....looks like we missed a wonderful evening with you all. Thanks for sharing it.

  8. So wonderful to be together and you captured everything so well. We spotted the rainbow on our way, too! God is good to all of us in bringing us together!

  9. You covered it well, Lovella ! It was a special time together!

  10. Such a beautiful place. Great memories.

  11. You've described the evening so well Lovella. Thank you - and thank you to our hosts for sharing this beautiful and peaceful place with us.

  12. How fun to have a photographer follow me around! =)
    As to the lakehouse . . . it's always so much more fun to share and we are blessed to be able to do so. Thank you for this beautiful post! I hope that next time no one will be missing.

  13. A jewel in the summer of 2013!
    I just read a book where a double rainbow was called a Mother-Daughter rainbow. Isn't that perfect?

  14. Such a perfect way to spend an afternoon!! Love the picture of Anneliese at the captured her sheer delight at practicing hospitality!

  15. Looks like a fabulous day! And I love the photos of the tire swing. Looks like great fun. Thanks for sharing. xoxo

  16. A most lovely setting...
    An elegant looking picnic, at a beautifully set table...
    Fun and laughter...
    Times to just sit and share around the fire...
    Dear friends...
    and a rainbow to end the evening...what could be better than that!
    Love that you shared it with us.

  17. Obviously it was a beautiful day and fellowship was sweet!

  18. HOW BEAUTIFUL!!! I so wish I could have been there to share it with you. No outside eating at my house I'm afraid. Too hot and too many FLIES :(. Looks like a beautiful evening shared by friends. One of life's simple pleasures. Thank you for sharing it with us! Blessings!

  19. This post caught my attention quite quickly as I wanted to know what I missed. Looks like a wonderful time in the park with the best of friends. It's fun to visit at each others' homes and feel the presence and richness of God mingled in between.


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