Paint Swatches in the hues of Green


I've  always loved green.

I always had a boston fern on the go while I was in my teens and loved them for their rich green hue.
The first area rug when we got married was mossy green!
When I learned to crochet...I selected a few different greens for the throw I made.
When we moved to the farm I chose a hue to green for the carpet...
(ok..not all my hues of green turned out to be good choices)
It won't be long and the greens that I love will start to fade and take on the hues of fall.

I love summertime!


  1. Your garden looks so lush and healthy!!! It always does. I think it is your wonderful soil and terrific weather. :) We have had the best summer for weather I can remember in Indiana though. My garden doesn't look like yours....I think its missing the natural fertilizer you have. :)

  2. Love the pictures of your lush garden! I went out to my garden last night and took note that my peas will be ready VERY soon, and it looks like it will be a bumper crop that will be in its week while we're away..... SIGH!

  3. Love your paint swatches!! Our first rug was green too - a shag and it even came with a rake....
    Your garden looks amazing - I'm thinking it must be that good chicken manure?

  4. Great swatches! John's favorite color is green as is my sister's. it's growing on me.

  5. I am really drawn to green, too. Glad you are enjoying your summer!

  6. Hope you find yourself beneath green canopy of trees as you camp.
    Green carpet: I've had many and loved them all. The real estate agents always said they had to go, that green just doesn't sell. Isn't that crazy?

  7. We too have had green carpet underfoot - never again! I love the greens of nature, but am not fussy about them indoors. Do you remember the Avocado Green appliances of the 70's?

  8. Oh boy, Pondie -- do I remember the avocado green appliance fad! Dreadful. My sister-in-law had them in her kitchen, and couldn't wait to get rid of them.

    I do kind of like the pale key-lime-pie green though....:)


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