Manning Park 2013

Back from our annual camping trip to Manning Park...
I am reading emails and sorting through the postal mail...
washing laundry and tidying the little home to be ready for it's next trip on the road.

In some ways there is nothing new under the sun to tell you.
You already know that I sleep better in our trailer up in the mountains  than anywhere else on earth.
We marvel how we can sleep a solid ten hours there day after day.

Our mornings are almost boring they are so wonderfully predictable.
I make a pot of coffee while he takes the bread out to toast.

Peanut Butter and homemade jam  or cheddar cheese on toasted Whole Wheat is how we start most days now and then we switch it up with Bacon and Eggs or pancakes.

I wash my hair and let it air dry and put on some suncreen and I'm ready for the day.
While he takes his pontoon boat out to try to catch lunch I read and read...
and read some more.
This is my luxury on vacation and I love working my way through historical fiction series.

I use my walkie - talkie to locate him ...
and then take the dog for a walk and a swim to see if I need to find something for lunch...

or if I can go back and read awhile more while he cleans the lunch and fries it up.

Fresh rainbow trout ...
and Kale salad...
my favorite camping lunch.

There are so many more pictures...
and different aspects to the restful time we had and I'll share more of them this week.

all for now...


  1. Oh I'll be very happy to read about a real vacation where REST is the order of the day.

  2. It was relaxing just to read this post. :)
    Thanks for the email, it was so nice to hear from you! Our kids & grands just got home from Manning yesterday... at first I thought you were writing to tell me you'd run into them there. Blessings today, my friend!

  3. Ah,what a lovely time you had... Looking forward to seeing more pictures.

  4. Sounds delicious. This sort of camping would be great fun and so relaxing I think. I'm glad you had a wonderful time and look forward to more photos.

  5. Nice couple of rainbows! The pontoon boat looks wonderful with Terry at the helm! Far more masterful than our Fish Cat 4 but both give a good day of fishing for fishermen.

  6. Bernie says "I'm impressed Terry! Fly fishing. Nice!"

  7. Very nice. It really looks like a relaxing quiet way to spend several days!

  8. That is R & R at its finest! Great pic's too.

  9. Ahh .. so nice to be away from everything for a while! That photo of you reading is great! It looks artsy! =)

  10. I could ditto this post. It sure changes when there are little ones again doesn't it? Glad you could enjoy those freshly caught fish. That's part of Manning Park!!! Did you ever see the video posted about our Manning Park experience. Click back a few,s call Revenge!

  11. Sounds like a perfect refreshing vacation. One you won't come home from more tired than when you left. Reading, fresh fish, and someone to share it all with...what could be better!

  12. You two really know how to "get away" and enjoy the great outdoors! I can almost taste that trout - what a treat!


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