Rock Painting 2013

Every year when the grands come up to visit our campsite...

they request a session of rock painting.

Every year...
the session lasts longer.

The rocks are free...
and the paint is cheap.

This particular session lasted well over an hour.

They discussed their techniques...

and the reasons they paint the way they do.

Now and then they wondered who messed up the eye when they were not looking.

They painted stripes...and dots...

and paid close attention to Grandpa's techniques.

They discussed how they would divide up grandpa's artwork.

In the end...
they all took home a mouse...
and Grandpa spent extra time after the painting session ended ...
just to make sure that could happen.

I love camping!


  1. This really is a great camping activity! Love it. Glad each could take home a mouse...

  2. Oh so fun! Love that line-up! We had a little session of making caterpillars and a turtle with pipe cleaners here recently. Will have to remember the rocks and the paint next time. Oh, and the peanut shells...

  3. Quite often, I'm reading along quite soberly an run into a phrase that cracks me up. Today's? " Now and then they wondered who messed up the eye when they were not looking. " I must try rock painting with my grands someday. I'd love to find an activity that they could enjoy for an hour. These are all beautiful creations!

  4. I love this kind of camping fun! Grandpa is a great arteeest and it's so sweet that he spends time with his adorable grands in this way. You are such wonderful grandparents and they are always going to remember these times with much fondness!!! You have documented it well Lovella.

  5. That was so sweet. I love the photo of the art table, with the dog under the bench!

  6. they sit so patiently for an hour and picture perfect. I love the bike hat, the dog under the table and the mice remind me of feeling mice scampering through our trailer at night. Oh my...they look so much better as rocks. Many happy memories.

  7. Your crafts rock! We've nevr done crafting while camping. Good idea!

  8. Your little guy looks like his Grandpa, I can really see a likeness there.


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