the ways we entertain them

I have kind of figured out that being 5 1/2 and under is the best.
They have no expectations of us spending money on entertainment.

They just made their own fun and when the woods provide branches to swing from...

and they come back and tell me quite soberly they saw a grizzly bear...

and I tell them with mock horror that they should probably stay close by me ...

and they are forced to confess that they were trying to trick me...
we all laugh and laughter is the best kind of cheap entertainment.

They spotted the chenille pipe cleaners in the craft supply box and asked if they could make...
"a" bracelet.
Sure I said...and then they made at least 20 each.

That took them a long time and every time they asked if they could make another...
I thought about it for a moment...
and said...
" more".

The campsite had a new playground area that we visited often.


Now and then the coloring and activity books came out.

...and the playdough.

When they finished all those activities...
I brought out a big bag of peanuts and asked them to shell me a pile of peanuts...
and even that seemed like a lot of fun.

I love summertime!


  1. You love summertime, I love watching you all celebrate it. What cute pictures!

  2. I have such fond memories of play dough and coloring books and trips to the playground for entertainment. Had to think outside the box this year at the lake on how to keep my 14 year old interested. The upside of departing from play dough and coloring books was a looooong day spent relaxing on a (rented) pontoon boat with no one bored or restless, and several advanced bike rides through the bush trails.

    ...but I still miss the playdough! ;)

  3. I love how you Love Summertime! That looks like such fun - you were well prepared for entertaining!

  4. Camp Grammie sounds like so much that even other Grammies could have fun there too. That playground looks awesome!

  5. Keeping little hands, hearts, and minds busy is a fun task. Your grands are so very adorable!

  6. Summertime fun will be remembered forever with your grands!

  7. I so enjoyed this post. Your beautiful grands are really growing....getting taller and looks like they all enjoy such fun together. They will never say no to this annual camping time...simple entertainment at it's best.

  8. I love the fun, the hidden humor, the easy to please age. Maybe it will stay like this forever?

  9. A fun record of 'they way they were'...summer 2013.

    I love summertime too. And I love that mop of summer-blonde hair on your grandgirlie!


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