Amish Wisdom with Sherry Gore Today!

Earlier this year we had the privilege of joining the Amish Wisdom Show with Suzanne Woods Fisher to share our excitement about Celebrations Mennonite Girls Can Cook before the book was launched.

Since then...
the show has a new host and we have been invited back to chat more about how the book is doing and what we've been up to since it's launch.

Meet Sherry Gore.
I thought it would be lovely to know her a little bit so I quickly ordered her cookbook which arrived around dinner time last evening.
I can tell you already I would love to eat at her house and had a passing thought that perhaps we should have travelled to do the interview.

Perhaps I'll whip up some of her Mud Hen Bars or Hello Dolly Apple Bars this morning so I have something to nibble on between questions. 

So many of our recipes are similar and I already enjoyed the beginning read of her cookbook which includes some Amish History and what it means to belong to an Amish church.


  1. I will be listening for sure :). Thanks for the link.

  2. I hope to find you and listen in while working in the sewing room. That spiral bound Amish cookbook looks so pretty.

  3. Oh...well, I'll feed John a quick supper and catch up quick!

  4. I'm so sorry I missed the interview, Lovella--I will go to the site and see if it is recorded. I loved visiting Amish country in Lancaster, PA when I lived in NYC. I have a few Amish cookbooks from that time --this one looks very nice!

  5. PS: Thank you for your kind words of condolence to my son-in-law and our family!

  6. I have some real good Amish friends and I know how good they are at cooking. The cookbook you shared looks like one I would like to have. Thank you for the link.


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