September 2017

September was warm enough to enjoy tea parties outside for most of the month. 

Over the years these teacups haven't been used near as much as the mugs to this set but now they are often pulled out and I'm enjoying the conversations that happen over tea.

Isaac who has gathered eggs for us since he turned 15 has now graduated and gone off to travel for the year.  We'll miss this great worker and wish him well in his future plans. 

On the weekend before school began we had the littles over for an afternoon and took in the Emoticon movie with them.  The best part was watching them watch it.  

It didn't feel at all like summer holidays were over.
It was far too hot for comfort. 

The barns were kept cool with the powerwasher mist. 

The smoke from the wildfires in the province kept the heat from being as hot as they forecasted.

The dry summer was likely responsible for the best rose season in years.  

The grape arbor only a few years old produced lots of grapes.

Next year we will do a bit more pruning.
Fewer grapes but bigger ones is the plan.  

Loving these tomatoes that just kept producing.

The hydrangeas were cut and brought inside to dry.  

We went to the annual MCC Relief sale and enjoyed our traditional meal with the kids.  

After the sale, we traditionally have couples over for Perishky and these beautiful sunflowers were given in exchange for Perishky!  

We finally had some rain.

We even had a bit of thunder! 

Our youngest son Stu purchased a '79 Blazer from someone in Texas.

It was safely housed in a warehouse until it could be safely transported after Hurricane Harvey. 

We'll enjoy watching the progress in our shop.  

Everyone is putting a little elbow grease into cleaning it up and someday it will be a fun ride for their family. 

Last week we took a day to go into Bellingham and enjoyed lunch and a walk on the ocean. 

And that pretty much is what our September looked like. 

Wishing you a wonderful October and the season of Autumn! 

all for now.. 
with love, 


  1. And may October contain more of family, fun, faith, and beauty! How’s the truck coming?

  2. Wonderful photos of family and fun times. I enjoy following you on Instagram but thought I'd drop by your blog today. Happy October and Happy Thanksgiving! Pam

  3. Another full month with family, a blessing!

  4. Beautiful glimpses of life and the rewards of hard work. I think you've had the best rose season going for several years now and that truck will be a great father/son/family project!

  5. Looks like a beautiful September is giving way to a beautiful October. Your roses are gorgeous.

  6. September was filled with fun and beautiful things over there...produce, blooms, a new project, and outings with the grands. Love all their smiles.

  7. Your family and gardens continue to grow beautifully. September was good to you...enjoyed catching up through your photos.

  8. Hi Lovella,
    I have been a loooong time visitor to your blog. It's such a happy place and I must say your "grands" are truly blessed! You and your husband are the sweetest, most fun and intentional grandparents I've ever come across.
    I so enjoy your monthly recaps (the camping trip last month-wow, so special!) and all the great pictures.
    The joy of being together, not to mention the love, is so strong in your family. It's truly inspiring!
    Thanks for sharing some of your life here. I'm sure I'm not the only one who is blessed by stopping by! :)

  9. I love how you have summed up the month. You are so blessed to live near your kids and grandkids!

  10. What lovely September memories made! There is a wee lady receiving some tea that looks a whole lot like her Grammie!!!! So sweet. I love the theatre picture! Your selfies are the best and the MCC Relief Sale tradition meal is awesome.
    Thanks for your prayers and kind words Lovella ... I can feel your kindness and God's love!


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