January 2017

I left off last year at the wedding that we attended on December 31st.

The next morning we woke to this beautiful landscape.
We had stayed the night in the city but since things were not as they should be at the farm, we woke up early and made our way home.

Not both of us loved seeing this weather.  
I'll just say it that way. 

However, January 1st comes with important traditions in the lives of Mennonite families and ours is no different.

I called the extended family and invited them to come if they didn't mind venturing out in the ice and snow. 

Those that love a good Portzelky,  came and we had a great time visiting.

After the first Friday back at school, we picked the littles up for the afternoon, dinner with us and we dropped them all off at bedtime. 

This is so much of how it looks when they are over that even if it looks like a messy scene, it isn't at all... it is just the way artsy little folks work.  

On this particular day, one of the family groups was talking about how they like to watch old episodes of the famous artist Bob and so that ended up being how they were inspired that day.  

We wondered the one day early in January if we could live without a tv in our main space.
We always had the little tv in that big antique wardrobe and we knew that if we moved that old wardrobe to the back room, we would have more area for seating.

So, that is what we did.  

Soon after that, I wondered aloud what it would be like to put an open looking cabinet in the corner.  I wanted it to have glass sides, glass doors, and glass shelves.  

We found the perfect cabinet at Ikea. 

I had a marvelous time arranging the items of nostalgia that I have never had a place to display. 

My mother's original wrist watch, her original engagement ring box with rings worn through, her jewelry box still with the little ballerina that I've loved my whole life.

I put some of her brooches in a trinket box and her mirror that I gazed into many times as a child now has a place as well.  

I have the lace that was crocheted by my grandmother in the cedar box where she kept it.  

Also in the top photo is the fan that still would run today if I hadn't deliberately cut off the worn out cord that wasn't beautiful to me. 

Also, on that shelf are books and Bibles that belonged to my parents. 

We continued to have cold but clear weather and I couldn't believe how wonderful the sheets and pillowcases smelled after being dried outside.  I do this often in summer but somehow, the outdoor fragrance lasted much longer than it would in the summer months.  There must be some scientific reason for that! 

When I thought about next months Valentine's Day, I enlisted the help of all the grandkids on two separate days to help me with a recipe post. 

They are so fun to work with in the kitchen already.  

They have their Valentine Cookies tucked away in their freezer and I'm wondering if they will call me from their IPad before the 14th to tell me they are fresh out. 

Since I was at this house, I thought I may as well help them make some pizza pretzels for their lunches. 

Do not underestimate what kids can do.  

While a lot of the world posted that they would not be watching this... I went ahead and watched it.

I wasn't about to miss history in the making once more.  I wasn't glued to the entire day but I did watch and pray.... and I did love that blue coat. 

On a Sunday afternoon, these two came over and I worked with them to make their cookies for my recipe post.  

Part of being a Grammie is teaching life skills, right?  

Everyone should know how to properly make and drink tea and how to eat a cookie taking tiny bites.  
Who knew that was such a challenging concept?

Then, during the last week of January, the unthinkable happened.   One of our dear Mennonite Girls lost her son in law in a tragic accident.  We as a group shared truths and promises from God's word and have held them all in prayer.

I realized today that I stopped taking pictures on that terrible day and I think we all realized within our tight knit group that we love each others children more than we even realized.   

That was January 2017.  

May February fill you with hope and joy knowing that signs of Spring is not too far away!  


  1. Heartbreaking for your dear friend and her family...you Mennonite Girls are all a part of that family. I am glad that she has you to support her in prayer and in practical ways. My heart goes out to all.

    Wonderful new cabinet for memories in your living room...I especially enjoyed seeing that and it is giving me ideas. Hmmm...🤔 Pondering...

    What? Cookies must be eaten in small nibbles? I need to get civilized. Those granddaughters look so grown up enjoying tea time.

    Loved seeing all their projects and how well they use the piping bags for decorating Valentine cookies...Amazing!

    Happy February...

  2. Oh...I do like your new cabinet. What a month January was for us all. I enjoyed your recap.

  3. How beautifully you have arranged your historical family treasures in your new cabinet. And what fun with the grands. I'm so sorry to hear of the loss to the MGCC family. Hugs.

  4. I like your new fresh look for the new year...light, bright and roomy. And the cabinet with all the treasures from the past...perfect! Like you...I could not think of anything to share from the last week of the month, other than the great sadness that touched us all.

  5. Oh I am so sorry to hear about the MGCC's son-in-law. These things are very sobering. Love all the pics of the kids and the way you've arranged your living room. Wanted to hear about the silver tea pot. :)

  6. I love your new cabinet and the treasures you have kept! Life is beautiful and buzzing in your bungalow!
    Yes, there is something about how we have become sisters of the heart, filled with joy when one is happy and filled with sadness when one is hurting. I love you last photo, reminding us of the promise of Spring. The hope of life anew is one we cling to in every way.

  7. What a sweet post Lovella! I am taking notes on how to "play, bake, and give life lessons" with your grandchildren - it warms my heart that those beautiful children have such wonderful role models! Your cabinet is beautiful (I must look into that one for a spot in my kitchen that will soon be bare of a small child's hutch that will soon live at my granddaughter's house). My tears flowed and I felt deeply the sorrow as you "stopped taking pictures"! Can't stop thinking of you all as you hold and support your MGCC sister and her family.

  8. A month that began with a wedding and ended with a tragic death; ordinary days of life lived loving family in between. Numbering our days is intensely meaningful.
    (I have that same small cedar chest that my grandmother gave me at age 10. Sweet to see your family heart treasures on display.)

  9. Nice cabinet. I love the German Bibleverse in it.

  10. I really like your choice of cabinet. The shuffle of furniture has really opened up your room. It's always such nice inviting space. Looks like lots of fun with your grandkids. Great memories being made.


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