July 2017

July was a month of celebrations.

For the sweet taste of berries and the times spent with family and friends and  the joyful birthday celebrations,
I thank the Lord. 

We started out celebrating Canada's 150th birthday with friends from our small group at the local fireworks.

The berry machines at the raspberry farm across the street became busy shaking the tender berries off the plants.

Our cherry tree surprised us with a bumper crop!

We celebrated Mom's birthday with our family!

 I cut a few hydrangea bouquets to enjoy.
I learned that putting the fresh cut ends in boiling water keeps them for a few days but Judy's method of dipping the wet fresh cut stems in a bit of alum still works best! 
 We went with my brother and sister in law Gerry and Heidi to Vancouver one day and cycled around False Creek.  

We like to park ourselves at least at one or two car shows during the summer months and have a visit with folks that stop to chat.

I discovered that I love this color combination of blue and green.  

On warm days we supplemented our need of fluids with watermelon.

These two darlings have their birthdays a few days apart.
This year they turned seven and eight. 

The most anticipated event of July was the invitation we received to celebrated milestone birthdays of Anneliese and her H.  

They are still sweethearts after all these years.

I couldn't get the songs of the 70's out of my head for a few days and I didn't particularly want to either! 

These two are born on the same day 53 years apart. 
I won't say how old the older one is but the younger one turned six this year.  ;)

When an opportunity to do something fun comes up we are usually game.
Tickets to go see Neil Diamond?  Sure!
He sure belts out those songs and I was excited to hear a few that I remembered well from way back when. 

We had another "24hourholiday" at our house and this time it was his turn. 

Grandpa made fidget spinners with him.
I wonder if they will remember the short lived hype of fidget spinners and the time they worked in the shop to make their own. 

His fascination was crushing things.
He created his own masterpieces by crushing and bending and pressing metals together.

I came and checked on them from time to time and the little fellow who usually chats non-stop was too busy to talk! 

I brought him a bag to put his collection of precious things to take home from his"24hourholiday". 

And that concludes the highlights of July on the farm!

Wishing you a wonderful August.

all for now.. 


  1. So many reasons to celebrate...and so many reasons to smile! Fruit, friends, flowers, family, and fun on the farm at its finest in your July re-cap. (Those are a lot of good words starting with F.) And then there is your little H...who has grown us before our eyes. Always makes me smile.

  2. Oh, how I love that first photo! You need to put that on the cover of a cookbook! You made the most of beautiful days and celebrations and it's always fun to see them through your lens.

  3. You have captured some great July moments - especially that pie oh my! Lovella - your selfies are absolutely the best ... I love them. You are all such a witness and inspiration - more than you will ever know!

  4. Yes, to Anneliese's comment. :) A busy month in the books with good memories and eats and gatherings!

  5. "I am I said to no one there and no one even heard not even the chair..." How we used to laugh over that line! Still, Neil Diamond is a fav. Glad that he is still belting out those tunes of yesteryear.

    Another delightful month for the memory books. It's all about the celebrations for sure. I adore the photo of the birthday cousins in an embrace. They must do that every year!

    Here's to a marvelous August already well begun...

  6. We are well into August and I just caught up on your memories of July. You celebrated well. Such great photos of food, family, friends and flowers. Such fun times on the 24hourholiday. They will remember!


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