June 2017

June started with beauty here on the farm.  The little girls pulled out the dresses I wore when I was their age and modeled them for me.

This yellow dress was already made over once from my aunt's bridesmaid dress. 

This little dress was a candle lighter dress that I wore for my cousin's wedding. 

Even during dress up there is work to do.  
I asked them to go out and set the table and get drink orders. 

This dress I wore for my parents 25th wedding anniversary.  

I think that the combination of flowers early in June are the best. 
I love when the roses, peonies, and early hydrangeas are all ready to put into bouquets at the same time. 

If you ever think of having us over for dinner... 
my advice would be to book us for June. 
It's your best chance of getting a pretty bouquet, hand delivered. 

Meanwhile,  he was busy cutting rings for a project with the grandkids. 

We went to visit friends and had a very nice time and enjoyed some pretty spectacular food. 

The garden started to give me some promise of a harvest come fall. 

This guy, cracked me up, again. 

We went camping with our care group.

I cooked up a batch of Rollkuchen for them.

He cooked up a batch of farmer sausage for them. 

Together, we all had a great time!
We missed those that couldn't join us.

We stayed a good part of a week and these sweet flowers enjoyed their time off the farm as well. 

Speaking of sweet, here is my darling little highlander dancer. 

Sorry to make you squint.  I was also squinting from my view, seated on the wrong side of the stage.
I wish I could be a highland dancer.  
When I do my farewell dance for the littles when they leave the farm, I think I'll treat them to some highland dancing in the future.   There must be youtube videos of instruction.  Right? 

Some people take mulching garden waste way too seriously.  

We took in some athletic events that had me cheering excessively across the track.  

The project began. 

They worked hard in grandpa's shop. 

In between, this one earned a bit of cash mowing lawn. 

I made him his favorite food. 

They worked together and laughed and talked even while Grandpa finished the lawn. 

You can buy fidget spinners in the store, or you can make them in Grandpa's shop. 

On Father's Day,  we packed up the trailer and I took the father of my sons and the grandpa to our littles camping. 

Envelopes were opened at the campground.  

I made him a pizza and I am pretty sure he had a very good day. 

 When you find a perfect spot in the Okanagan, it is even better when friends come to share it with you.  

We picked a lot of cherries off of our three-year-old cherry tree.  
I should have weighed them as we picked them or maybe I should have weighed me before and after consuming them. 

We were given a very fun opportunity to go for dinner with friends in their plane! 

We flew over the cuckoo's nest  the homestead.
I've said it before and I'll say it now, you don't buy a farm for the house.  
I keep looking at that field.  
Why didn't the farmer that built this farm put the house there?  
Right at the back.  
Can we all agree on that? 

Oh, these little napkins were my pride and joy as Canada Day 2017 approached. 
I had found them about 5 years ago at a flea market for a song and a dance.  
After I paid my pocket change to the nice man, I let it slip that Canada's 150th birthday would be celebrated in 2017 and I was so happy that I found the napkins.
He looks dejected when he realized he let a little treasure slip out of his grasp. 

Being that it was a big one for Canada this year,  celebrations began early and on June 30th we went to our local stadium to enjoy a family picnic and a free concert. 

Who doesn't love a good picnic? 

Just because you are not smiling all the time doesn't mean it is not the best time ever.  ;)

This is a real shot at our family (or 10/11 of them) as they are hanging out.   

You don't need a chair when you have a grandpa.  

And this is your bonus shot for today.  

Smiling eyes!
Someday, this little guy will have lines around his eyes when he smiles like I do. 
Keep smiling baby boy! 

Have a wonderful July dear friends!  

all for now.  


  1. Lots of smiles throughout this post. That's the way I like it! :)

  2. I'm so glad that you do Instagram because I've kept right up with you that way. Sometimes I truly miss your wicked (meant in a good sense) way with the written word, though. You could make me laugh out loud with your wit. Yes, that boy will have smile lines if he works real hard at it. They are to be coveted those smile lines.

  3. Another awesome monthly post Lovella! The beautiful flower arrangements, the growing grandchildren (wearing those sweet dresses), chip smiles, DIY fidget spinners, family times, etc. - what a great month of June! I am so impressed that you did some deep frying while camping - I have so much to learn! I am blessed to know you and get these glimpses of your life. I must figure out how to use Instagram ...

  4. Another precious post. What a beautiful family you have!!! And I know the feeling on the farm. We bought our farm over 19 years ago. The farm we live on is 449 acres and the house was built RIGHT NEXT TO TWO TURKEY BARNS AND A HUGE SHED. I mean, seriously?? They had 449 acres and they put the turkey barns right next to the house???? I roll my eyes every time I step outside and smell turkey manure. We continually have flies. Ugghh!!!! Blessings from south of the border in Missouri :)!

  5. Now if I wre a bride I would be planning a June wedding. Those bouquets had me gazing in awe! How fun to see your grandgirlies in your vintage dresses and to see the boys working side by side and making spinners. It's been a good month, right?

  6. What do I love the most? Between beautiful June blooms, smiles all around, your sweet models and all the family fun...it is hard to choose. And having a few get-aways (alone and with friends) looked like the best of times as well. It was a good month! May July be every bit as memorable. Happy summertime to you and yours!

  7. A fun collection of June's memories. The bouquet lasted a long long time on my kitchen island. Lucky me....and the visit is still remembered fondly....there and also over looking the vineyards in Summerland. Your grand kids are at a fun age and they sure enjoy each other...and you both. I think smile lines are the best story on a face. He's a little cutie.

  8. Great recap of a month's best memories ... and yes, we can all agree on that !! I am always baffled when people have lovely acres and they plant their house a few feet from the road .. makes no sense to me!
    Lovely flowers, pretty granddaughters, happy faces ... what is better?

  9. Just dandy to see the sweetness of June take many forms in your life.

  10. I love visiting here! You have such a special way of sharing daily life. My favorite...the last picture! My thoughts when I leave here, is that I hope I can invite you over some time in June:) Those bouquets were so pretty!


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