October 2017

Welcome to my October.

We started October by taking a Sunday day trip with the family to Lighthouse Park in North Vancouver. 

The weather was beautiful and the kids had such fun roaming and hiking up and down to the ocean and discovering trails. 

We settled in the for the afternoon along the ocean where they found enough driftwood to build a raft.
Unfortunately, when the tide came in, they found the raft to be less than seaworthy.  

It seemed that October was either pouring rain or beautifully sunny. 
I only remember thinking it was such a great October and even the week of rain wasn't a bother since we saw sunshine coming in the forecast. 

I was so happy that the zinnias were still blooming so beautifully for Thanksgiving.  

I really love to make the table pretty with what I have and can't get over how that little bag of zinnia seeds has provided so many arrangements. 

I still laugh when I look as the Thanksgiving family selfie. 
I think we almost impress our family when we say...  don't worry, we'll get everyone in! 

The kids had a great time on their ATV's and the motorcycle and the next day, the driveway was given a straightening out again.  

There was a bit of work done on Stuart's K5.  I think they are putting in drop spindles here.  

I didn't look forward to cleaning up the garden.  What a job!  I like it a little less than putting the garden in.  What I do like is eating out of the garden all summer so the start and the end of it is well worth it. 

Oh Timber!  This sweet Great Dane joined Terrence and Bea's family the week after Thanksgiving. 

I'm so enjoying this puppy!  
Maybe I'm even a little besotted.  

The walking in the rain was rewarded with the Autumn Glory maple in the backyard creating a carpet of color for me. 

I don't know how many batches of dried apples I've made this year.  It takes a day to dry them and I've put a fresh batch in the dehydrator almost every day for a few weeks. 
The kids love them so the bags keep going home with them for treats.

I love autumn and all the foods that seem to pair so well with the season. 

The puppy and the hound.
I'm happy to say they are becoming good friends.
Yesterday, Kobe hopped in their van wanting to go with Timber.  

The apple tree had to be picked and somehow the refrigerator always has these magical apples when the littles come to visit! 

The morning light is so beautiful this time of year.
When I walk around the farm I make lots of stops at this spot.

I opened up the blinds at the front of the house so that I can see this view across the road.  

I parked along the fence at Costco one day and spent almost as much time outside as inside. 
 Such beauty all around us.

The last field mowing of the season.  

To finish off the month we took all the littles to Vancouver for a day.

They all had a day off of school and we had some fun ideas to fill up the day. 

We took the water ferry to get to Granville Island Market. 

We like trying selfies. 

There was lots of dancing in the streets. 

When is ice cream not a good idea?  

I guess they have never seen Mennonite Girls Can Cook in Ten Thousand Villages before.
They wanted to show the workers the pictures of themselves in the book.

Yes.. more selfie trying. 

They were busy at the ocean making Inukshuks. 

Towards the end of the afternoon, we lined up with our tickets to see Kurio!

Oh, my goodness. It was a first experience seeing a Cirque du Soleil show for all of us and wow did we ever enjoy it.

This picture was before the show even started and I can tell you they hardly moved a muscle during the two-hour show! 

On the way home we stopped at Spaghetti Factory.
These two decided to first share the soup and then share the salad. 
At the end of the day, they are all good friends and a blessing to each other. 

On the weekend we had a terrific windstorm with sunny skies.
It was just wonderful! 
I love wind and I love crunchy leaves. 

I had to really hurry to enjoy the crunch because the clean up guy wouldn't wait. 

This was yesterday afternoon.....

this was near sunset.  

They are talking about a change in weather and have even mentioned.  s***! 

I won't believe it.

Not yet! 

I hope you enjoyed your October as much as I did mine! 
I'm so thankful!

all for now..
with love,


  1. I so enjoy seeing how you fill your months. This one was again full to the brim. Lovely photos!

  2. Another month of thanksgiving! Your post highlites the joys of the season ... harvesting apples, baking yummy cinnamon buns, playing in the leaves ... I love that the kids saw the cookbook in the store! I also love what you've done to your blog!

  3. October looked just lovely through your lens. Fun family times and such beauty around you. Much to be thankful for! Oh, yes...and you have been renovating here on your blog. Looking lovely!

  4. Your pictures and posts always make me look forward to retirement . . . and grandchildren :)!! Blessings from Missouri dear lady! Simply beautiful life you have!!!

  5. You did have a terrific October! Yes, I hated saying goodbye. Now I am hoping that more than bits and pieces of you and Terry will make it into the family selfies next month!

  6. Your Zinnias and your Thanksgiving table are so lovely. I love, love the selfies and especially the one where your table is surrounded with your precious family - heartwarming. Your October is full of good memories and wonderful family times. Oh, that puppy!!!!

  7. So good to catch up on all your happenings! I'm still getting grands ideas from you - now they're for when they're older. It's lovely that they're such good friends. I"mhoping for the same with my littles.

    Such a fun trip to Vancouver with them. I'm sure it was quite a show! I don't think Cirque du Soleil has ever come to PEI I've seen them on TV though - they're amazing!

    I may have to invest in a dehydrater- we have so many apples.I definitely over-picked this year!

    I love the new little (but not for long!) puppy - and Kobe. Makes me miss my Sophie though!

    Thanks for sharing your month with us Lovella!

  8. October looked like a wonderful month - as always your pictures and comments warm the heart. I tried making toffee apples with the kids at work last school holidays but unfortunately couldn't get the toffee to stick! They were a bit of a disaster much to their disappointment. Love your new blog site look Lovella.

  9. October looked like a wonderful month - as always your pictures and comments warm the heart. I tried making toffee apples with the kids at work last school holidays but unfortunately couldn't get the toffee to stick! They were a bit of a disaster much to their disappointment. Love your new blog site look Lovella.


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