November 2017

If you see an owl on the first day of November does that mean it will rain all month?  


We had 22 days of rain and a total of 239.8 mm.  

It started really pretty though but those leaves came down with all the storms and then it was mostly just wet. 

There was the day early in November when we had this dusting of snow.

It melted really fast. 

I found tulips at the grocery store.  

I brought in all the last of my hydrangeas to dry. 

Whenever we had a break in the rain, it was beautiful! 
We always went outside to walk when it was dry because it was such a novelty in an otherwise soggy month. 

Kobe and Timber have become good friends.
I regret that I haven't taken a picture of them side by side everytime Timber comes to visit.  
Kobe is rapidly losing her size advantage. 

This sweet girl turned ten!  

I love her for her enthusiasm and her creative flair. 
I am so thankful for the gift of her.

Every time we had a wind storm,
leaves were encouraged to keep blowing. 


Can you believe this screenshot I borrowed?

The pineapple express was shooting straight at us.

Did I already mention that when there was a break in the clouds we ran outside to see? 

I invited the littles to come over to stuff their advent boxes with the month of Bible Advent verses. 

It used to be a surprise but they are not easily surprised anymore so I figured I may as well enlist their help and give them their boxes to take home and not touch until December 1st. 

They made cookie trees to take home.  

We went and got our tree on the one day it didn't rain.

We rushed to get some lights on the trees.

And then, I made an advent centerpiece just like my mom always did.

We set up the nativity scene that was always set up under our tree when I was growing up.

On Sunday we lit the first advent candle.

I feel like this is such a disjointed narration of the photos.  
I'm 8 days late with this post and so I'll use that excuse for the rush to get this posted.


I wish you all a very wonderful time of Christmas preparations with your family and friends.


  1. Ahhh...I have been waiting for the November post to pop up. I like what you did here including some Christmas tidbits for us. The grands grow so fast. I remember when the birthday girl was born! How is it possible that she is already ten?

    Beautiful tree you found. It should not be dry after all that rain.

  2. I enjoyed your later than usual month round-up! Love those Cookie trees. Such a fun idea. Your house looks so nice decorated for Christmas, peaceful and twinkly. It was lovely to sit with you on Sunday and enjoy it all.

  3. Your Christmas preparations look so lovely Lovella - and those grands are all growing so fast. Love the cookie trees and the beautiful advent wreath. That pineapple express looks like Santa! I hope December is sunnier and that you have a wonderful Christmas.

  4. Smiling at your November memories...which included trying to make the most of the very few moments and hours without rain!

    Your grands did a fabulous job of those cookie trees. It's all looking lovely over there!

  5. I like how the rains could not really dampen your spirits when there was a pretty girl to celebrate, cookies to decorate, an advent calender party, a tree to cut and lights to put up! That paper nativitiy set reminds me of my Omi.


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