Mennonite Girls Can Cook Christmas Party 2014

This year...

we were invited to the home of Ellen and her "dear" for our annual Christmas party.

On the way there...
I said to my beloved that sometimes it doesn't feel real that we can do this wonderful thing as a group of women.

We are able to chat, encourage and inspire each other every day and  ...
once in a while ...
most of us can get together. 

Kathy and I arrived a wee bit early to set up some 
antipasto platters.

Ellen had her home ready and it was fabulous.

It felt so special to sit at one of her carefully thought out table scapes. 

Her home was filled with Christmas!

 It was good to see our guys enjoying a time to catch up with each other.

They have become friends ....
through us.

The host and hostess...
always smiling...
and always

Lovely Katie (Ellen's daughter) was there to help with serving.

She is always so ready with a smile.  

Shame on me for not taking a picture of every course.

Surely one of the other girls did.  

This was the started soup.

The roasted veggies.

Before dinner...
while it was still light out...
we went out to the front door for one picture...
or maybe I should say a bunch of pictures of one pose.

This is a picture of the guys who were taking pictures of us.
We have become accustomed to the two lines formed for this purpose.

We sat around two round tables in their living room. ...
and enjoyed the most delicious Prime Rib.

After dinner...
the girls went to spend some time sharing gifts with each other.  

It was a time to remember.

Most special!

all for now...
with love,


  1. Looks like a lovely time with dear friends.

  2. You all have been truly blessed with friendship and love. It is so wonderful to see the guys also together with you and everyone enjoying Christmas and each other.

  3. Thank you Lovella for capturing the great time we had together.

  4. I always enjoy seeing and reading things from the perspective of someone else who was at the same place.
    Such a good time is was!

  5. You girls certainly know how to entertain and put on a grand meal and celebrations. Such fun for everyone including the husbands. It all looks very lovely.

  6. Oh what fun! The food and decor all looks so lovely. I always enjoy reading about your great get-togethers and seeing all the creative ideas and food - of course! Ellen sure knows how to host a great party. Lovella, I received a blessing in the mail today - thanks for the beautiful card!! You have made my day and I feel ever so blessed.

  7. I love it!!!! What a special evening! Such a gift from God to create this group and give you such fellowship as well as blessing the lives of so many others! Have a wonderful Christmas!!!!!!!

  8. The friendships you gals enjoy is special beyond words and that your husbands have joined in is just as heartwarming. Leave it to Ellen and Dear to create a wonderful evening for you all to enjoy and savor in memory through the years. It's so uch fun to see!

  9. Thanks for documenting it beautifully! What a good time it was! Thanks, Ellen (and 'dear'...and Katie).

  10. Way across the country from this party, I am sitting at my computer enjoying every aspect of this lovely event, and I appreciate it so much! The thought, time, planning, and love that was put into this dinner is so evident. What a blessed group of people you all are! The best part of this post, is the warm, gracious smiles on every face. God's love shines through. Thanks for sharing.


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