Christmas 2014

On Christmas Eve...

chores were done in the barn and the house was made ready for the people we love most.

We went to the Christmas eve service and came home to anticipate a houseful coming at noon the next day.

Everyone had a part of the story from Luke 2 on their plates.
As the little ones arrived, they looked for their names and practiced their verses and we shared together the miracle of Christmas.

I borrowed my beloved's apron to make dinner.

Menno Apparel   has a great assortment of fun slogans if you are interested.

After the Christmas story was read around the table and everyone had a full tummy ... 
the dishes were stacked in the dishwasher...
and we took turns opening gifts that were specially chosen.

The girls all opened their new dolls.

The nighties were held up to see if they were long enough...
and then quickly tried on to be sure.

Smiles were captured.

Newly discovered (to him) candy called Lifesavers were pondered...
and tested.

Boxes were delivered across the room.

One gift at a time...

patience practiced.

Grandma was tutored on her new Ipad.

Lego and instructions were contemplated.

Dessert was enjoyed at the island.

The girls spent time coloring together.

Playdough meals were prepared.

The two littlest set up a necklace making shop.

At the end of the evening...
the boys just wanted some quiet time with Grandpa after a busy day.

It was all wonderful! 

We are so blessed and thankful to have our family close by to love and enjoy and celebrate together.

all for now...
with love,


  1. So fun to peek into your living room in this way! Christmas card beautiful . . . wonderful, special time together!

  2. Ahhh...the girls look so sweet in their new nighties, like little angels. Love the boys smiles and determination. You look so cute holding that lovely platter in your beloved's apron!

  3. Pretty night gowns, beautiful table, yummy looking salad, love the blush soft pretty matching dresses! Everything looks so lovely at your place! Nice to have your 'extended' family there too....I'm sure your mom in law's heart was full as she enjoyed her kids and her great grandchildren.

  4. It all looks so wonderful. The nighties with the red ribbons are so cute. It's great that you could all be together. I like how you shared the Christmas story around the table too. Great idea!

  5. It all looks 'so wonderful'...from the table setting, to the lovely grands in their angel nightgowns, to all the little glimpses into your family time! As for the apron...maybe you can borrow it again sometime. If looks good on you!

  6. Those grand-girlies are so blessed to have such a talented Grammy! Adorable nightgowns! Merry Christmas and blessings in the new year, Lovella!

  7. It all looks wonderful. Love your apron, and love the white nighties. The girls look like angels! Sounds like a perfect day that non one will ever forget. xoxox

  8. It looks like a beautiful place where everyone could enjoy and feel comfortable. I love those nightgowns...and save those patterns for me..I need to make one for next year and who knows how many years after? It's fun to see how the kids are growing and handing out the gifts. So much fun...and soon it's all over and so we have memories for another year.
    I'm happy that we can still offer to set up and make these events happen.

  9. You put so much love and attention to detail in your Christmas celebration. Your family is so blessed to have you in their lives. I like the picture of you with the apron and the good looking salad, and that you now offer products with the cookbooks...great idea! The white nightgowns were adorable! The last picture of the boys and their grandpa was
    priceless! Thanks for sharing your special event with us.

  10. Oh such happy moments!!! I LOVE the nightdresses!!! They are just gorgeous! So perfect. Glad all the girls had new dolls! Isn't that such a perfect gift?! Laura had one too....

  11. I was thinking how grateful you must be to be ending 2014 in such a happier way than the year began. I'm sure you look back and see God's hand over the entire year and all of his blessings in the dark places too. But there sure is rejoicing to see those beautiful teeth and that happy mommy and God's faithfulness!!! And a new year ahead!!!


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