Decking the halls

It's been a month since I stopped to record the goings on in the bungalow. 
I've barely held my camera and was mortified to realize that when  Grandgirlie had a birthday party  I didn't even take one picture.  She was so lovely in her beautiful outfit and she's growing so tall and willowy and we just love her to the moon and back.  

We went to cut down our tree a week ago and since then I've been puttering around the home...
making it feel homey and bright.

As soon as we came home from Palm Springs...
I planted some Paperwhite bulbs to bloom for Christmas.

They had been sprouting already in the package and were anxious to grow.

One of my favorite things is placing beloved pieces that have been collected over the years to draw my heart and mind to the Christ child.

A sprig here...
and there.

The choir joins in with Christmas carols that fill our home during our waking hours.

During this last month...
the bedroom and my bathroom have been repainted.
Next week I'll share some photos of the finished rooms.

Here is a sneak peek of Italian Ice Green.
Soft and dreamy.

The bedroom dresser .

The paperwhites are ready for Christmas.

A few things to bake yet ...

to share and to enjoy.

A few more gifts to complete for special loved ones...

and then the halls will begin to ring with laughter and conversations.

I'm ready in my heart.


  1. So nice to see your post this morning, Lovella. I understand about not picking up the camera as I seem to be experiencing the same thing here.
    You have done a lovely job of preparing your heart and home for Christmas. Everything looks just beautiful. I particularly like the way you interspersed touches of nature amongst your meaningful collections.
    Just wanted to share something that is helping me as I go about my decorating. I have just bought and received a copy of your Celebrations cookbook, I have been telling myself that after I complete the decorating of one room I reward myself with reading one chapter, or perhaps I should say reading and savoring the beautiful photographs. Oh my, it is a beautiful, beautiful book. Don't know what took me so long to order it, but I can assure you that it is a treasure and I can hardly wait to get cooking. Guess I better get the decorating done first. :).

  2. Lovella, your decorating is so lovely and reflects the peace and joy that Christmas brings.

  3. Heart preparation is best when it's put first, as you have done. Your home looks lovely, glowing and bright.

  4. Everything looks so nice and the colors you have painted are lovely. Hope to join you with a ready and full heart soon. In the meantime, prayer!

  5. So all the special touches!

  6. Everything looks so lovely, Lovella.

  7. I love your attention to detail in every space! Your joy in making your home warm and beautiful
    is so evident and those who will share these days with you will be blessed because I know your
    attention toward them is the same.

  8. Your home dressed for Christmas looks very pretty. I like your nativity set and have often thought about collecting that one. I have two angels, gifts a few years ago, who joined my ceramic set this year. You have so many pretty touches and I like the soft colour of your newly painted walls with the white ornaments. Enjoy the season. Blessings. Pam

  9. It looks lovely. Thanks for sharing. BTW, do I detect a Mikasa pattern on the white mug/vase/utensil holder? Love the effect of white on white.

  10. Lovella - everything looks so beautiful and welcoming! The paper whites are such a pretty fresh addition to your collections. Love the carollers with the "bottle brush" trees. I am trying to prepare my heart and seem to have let the busyness of other preparations get in the way. Thanks for the reminder!

  11. And that's what counts most, is that your heart is ready. Beautiful vignettes....I can almost hear the Christmas carols in her post.
    Special touches of greenery here and there make it look nostalgic.

  12. What a gift you shared with us! The privilege of stepping inside your lovely, warm, inviting, and cozy home. Your decorating is so tastefully done! Makes me want to sit on the sofa and take it all in. I like the touches of green that you included, and the vignettes you so carefully put together. I especially like the first picture, and the welcome it creates. Thank you for sharing!

  13. I was going to tell you which was my favourite decorated space but it kept changing as I went along, and then in the end couldn't decide !!
    Very beautiful, exquisite!


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