Nativity Video

Northview Nativity 2014 from Northview Church on Vimeo.

I wanted to share a bit of our church's Children's Christmas Program!  People had plenty of  ideas about how the Messiah should have come to save his people.  Our Messiah came just as God planned all along.  These little ones  got the message across well.

Have you plans already for Christmas eve?  If you live in the Fraser Valley and would like to bring your family to a  Christmas Eve service, I would like to invite you to join us at Northview Church. Check the link here for all our Christmas events.


  1. That was so special and so well done. Loved it! Loved the star outside the stable and the human animals and the animal animals eating children. LOL! Yes, the message came through beautifully...Emmanuel...God with us!

  2. Oh that is so adorable!!! I had to giggle at the horse's antics - too funny. I loved the star too. It was wonderful - thanks for sharing this!!!

  3. I have loved these videos they have done over the past number of years. At first I did not know they were kids from our congregation
    and now, this year two of the "actors" happened to be my grandchildren! So it was extra special. Somehow the innocence of the children adds to the beauty and simplicity of the story.

  4. This is really neat! Always so great to see the children participate.

  5. Great little video! And how special to see children actors that look familiar.


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