Italian Ice Green

It is always nice to a have fresh coat of paint isn't it?

We painted our little bedroom this past month.

My inspiration was the vintage hospital end tables that have their original blue paint.

The other inspiration is the  Yo Yo cover I found at an MCC Sale.

I didn't mind paying the asking price as I could well imagine all the hours of work that went into this handcrafted treasure.  The fabrics are all vintage pieces of cotton that somehow work together beautifully.   I imagine the 50's fabrics were house dresses and aprons at one time.

The pillowcases were my grandmother's.
She never used them....
they are used now.

Our little bungalow doesn't have an en suite.
It is just the two of us...
so it's okay.

We painted my bathroom the same color as the bedroom.

The lighting gives it a different hue in the photos.

My beloved added wainscoting to add to the cottage feel of the home.

All the trim and wainscoting is painted Cloud White but again...
the photos seem to change the hues.

New flooring gave it a updated feel.

Somethings stayed the same.

My shabby chic cabinet helps with much needed space to store.

A quirk about me?

I love to bathe.  

all for now...


  1. Beautiful Lovella!! We gave our bedroom a fresh coat this Spring too - what a difference! Your paperwhites are just beautiful and look so lovely in your fresh looking bathroom. I also especially love the Yo Yo cover!!!! Good job.

  2. It's lovely, Lovella. So fresh and crisp and clean looking. Painting our bedroom/bath is on the schedule for this winter.

  3. The the new fresh paint and the look. I love wainscoting! How precious those pillow cases are. So glad you are using them!

  4. It all looks fresh and pretty. The edging on the pillowcases is wonderful! I am so glad that you use them and enjoy them.

  5. You did it! Your update adds such a pretty, clean, and happy look to the room! I like the color you choose! I like the glass jug lights! I like the pillow cases because they remind me of ones my grandma made, years ago! I like the wainscoting! I think that adds a cottage type feel to the room, that goes perfectly with the faucets of your tub. It looks like a magazine picture! Thanks for sharing it with us! Enjoy:)!

  6. Your bedroom looks very pretty and the yoyo quilt is gorgeous! I really like the soft green in the bathroom and also the wainscoting. It's all very pretty!

  7. Very fresh looking ! I love the ice green ... and your quilt has so many stories in it - if only it could talk!

  8. My sister-in-law used to have pale green walls in her guest bedroom -- the one where we were privileged to sleep when we visited. I never knew what the colour was called, and she couldn't remember, but it was the most glorious, restful shade, and I've been searching for something similar for years. Because, you see, she repainted, and though the new colour is nice, it just isn't the same! xoxoxo

  9. I like it all...including the paper whites in the newly painted bathroom! Enjoy!

  10. It's all so pretty and clean and fresh! I love the old and the new old to match!

  11. It's always beautiful when all the finishing touches have been placed. Looks like you will be bathing a long time with such spa like tones.
    Music and candles? Enjoy those baths. Very refreshing!

  12. For the past while I've been killing myself to sleep with thoughts of paint colours for our new- old bedroom. There must be something in the air as so many are contemplating the same thing. Your fresh green is so very pretty!


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