wiener roast 2012 recap

The littlest one was stuck in his chair and couldn't get enough Turkey Barley Vegetable soup.
He ate with such gusto that he drew a crowd.
He had a bath later.

The oldest two roasted their hotdogs with care.

The middle one threw the ball for Kobe...many times.

Seeing these two...
 made me remember a thanksgiving wiener roast many years ago when I ate one hotdog and was invited to share a second one.

They shared it.

The grandpa expected it might be cut in half..
but how much more fun it is to eat your way to the middle!

The wee roasting fire was drenched...
and the wiener roast was a success..


  1. What a good idea for Thanksgiving! With Emily's wedding a few weeks before our Thanksgiving we are desperate to do something simple. This would be an idea......although it sounds like a close family friend may host at her house so we can all have a break.

  2. Love the stories within stories you tell so well, Lovella. The little guy in his high chair all the way over there! Ha! Too cute. And the hot dog sharers. Too cute! What a relaxing, pleasant, (obviously warm), way to spend Thanksgiving.

    1. Vee, I should have mentioned that it was a hot day. It is the warmest Thanksgiving Monday any of us can recall. We had to put H in the shade to stay cool. Later he ran around in his diaper. The other kids all found something cooler to put on in my drawers. They love wearing boots though. =)

  3. I love seeing the little ones in their gum boots, high chairs, and I love your conventional wiener pit. We have had such wonderful weather to enjoy these days...and as they grow older we don't need high chairs or naps anymore and you will love it more and more.

  4. That will be a Thanksgiving Day holiday to remember...roasting wieners and wearing shirt sleeves! I'm thinking it is an 'uncoventional' fire pit. It looks like the perfect solution for building a fire anywhere...anytime.

  5. What a unique way to celebrate the holiday. I believe my sister and her family went to a park and had a picnic and bonfire. Sweet photos of your hubby and grandson sharing the hotdog!

  6. And this year the weather was perfect for being outside enjoying a roast! Fun times!

  7. Certainly looks like another wiener roast success! What could possibly go wrong?
    BTW were you trying to say that how you remember sharing a second hotdog a long time ago? =)


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