behind the scenes at Stillwood

On Saturday Kathy, Judy, Julie, Bev and I went up to Camp Stillwood to join the women who were enjoying some time of refreshment.

We were invited to come share our story and do a cooking demonstration.
We did not need to think of what to demo..
they had requests.

The "class" was full and Bev placed recipes on each chair for them to follow along.

Judy set out trays of plates so share our finished products.

Kathy was busy in the kitchen starting the first recipe of Portzelky.

She measured...and measured...
and I tried very hard not to confuse her in the process.

Julie was rolling pans of Falafel...
a naturally gluten free chickpea treat.

I scooped and turned and fried the batter.

Judy sugared.
They were delicious.  
Our husbands did not mind one bit that we brought them each a small bagful.

The story was shared...
the Falafel was shared...
and the Portzelky was shared. 

After the kitchen was cleaned and our dishes were washed...
and our totes were filled with our "stuff"....
we headed back to our homes...
enjoying the most beautiful scenes around us.

all for now.. 


  1. It was so good to see you Lovella, isn't Stillwood beautiful. I check your blog every day,and the MGCC one too, and always feel inspired to do better in every area of my life. Thank you,

  2. That must have been a nice afternoon - a drive, friendship, supporting women on retreat - love it!

  3. I can just imagine how fragrant the room must have been...from the food and the presence of The Lord.

  4. A good time...we had! Thanks for documenting it for us. Love the rainbow over Stillwood that you captured in your first pic. What a beautiful spot...rain or shine.

  5. It looks like a lot of fun and the food looks so yummy. Beautiful scene of the lone tree in the field.

  6. So glad it all went well! Thank you for representing those of us who could not be there this time ... we appreciate you!

  7. Mmmm, falafel! I wonder if that will be in your new cook book? You all put on a special treat for the ladies and I am sure they appreciated it.

  8. You ladies have so much fun!!!! Maybe when I am at your stage of life I can do this kind of thing too!!! Actually, I'm thankful God gives me opportunities to share recipes and food with people even now.....

  9. What a nice event! I forgot Falafel, which I love, are gluten free--good to know as my daughter-in-law must eat gluten free!

  10. Just imagining how pleasant to be in your audience observing all the goings-on. I do love a good demonstration and usually they're not followed with taste tests. ☺

  11. Looks like a successful event! Everything you made looks real good. Love your fallish photo at the end!

  12. Fun times! Now I'm really bummed that I wasn't there! Porzelky?! YUM!

  13. Okay, here is what I am thinking as I read this post. It is the dinner hour and as I was reading this post and wanting to literally crawl through the computer, as the food all looked so good, I wondered to myself as to how you all stay so nice and slender, while cooking such amazingly great looking dishes? Just a simple question:) I wish I could attend a class like this one. Love the pictures!


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