Creative Reading

The group of three has a large book case with beautiful books.
This is one of their favorite and I sure can't blame them.

I can understand German ...
enough to get by.
I can't read it worth a bean.

The illustrations ...
help tremendously.

They politely listen to my version of the tale.
They understand that Grammie needs to improvise because she can't speak Deutsch very well.

what I lack in my language skills...
I make up in my creative imagination.

The rain has begun here in the Fraser Valley.
The longest driest last two and a half months has ended.

It feels like Autumn today.

Happy Weekend my dear ones ...
all for now..


  1. hmmmm...Obviously, my German lessons aren't helping me much either. Do they know what it says? Ha! Cute illustrations.

  2. I laughed when I saw your book - it's great!! Somehow it loses something in the translation, but I often improvise when I read some of my old German books to my grandchildren. They always want to hear my German bedtime prayer when they say their bedtime prayers -- they can recite the words because children learn so quickly, but they do not understand them.
    Bless you,

  3. I'd love to be a fly on the wall and hear your German storytelling!

  4. What a beautifully illustrated book. I'm sure the three get great joy from Grammie's 'translation'. Enjoy the weekend.

  5. Roger and I heard a lot of German when we were at Winnipeg Bible College - the low German variety I think. A new experience for us as there aren't many German speaking people here in the East. But we do know a bit of Gaelic - Roger's grandfather spoke it. And my great-grandmother could only speak Gaelic - no English. She taught my Father to say the 23rd psalm in Gaelic when he was only 3.

  6. The seasons. When is spring here? Who makes the leaves so colourful? I think I could still translate for the grands. But the beautiful pictures tell a story on their own.

  7. The rain is so welcome after our dry spell - as lovely as all that warm and sunny weather was! I have bought German books for my grands as well, but I'm the only one who can read them to the boys, so they languish on the shelf between visits. It's wonderful how quick children are to pick up the words again, though.

  8. The illustrations in this book are delightful so it doesn't need much translation, Lovella! Enjoy your rainy day!

  9. Beautiful book! easy to enjoy in any language I would guess! It really is wonderful that your grandkiddies are getting an opportunity to learn two languages...hopefully it "stays with them!" Did make me smile .....

  10. I agree with Elma ... it is so good for kids to learn a second language, but I'm sure it can be quite a challenge for parents to stick to it. ONe day their kids will thank them. Kids are so funny in how they recognize when something is a different language. I sang a German song to my granddaughter and when she was very young... maybe two and she could tell I was singing another language.

  11. Nice pictures, I like Ravensburger books, good quality, you have encouraged me to buy them for my toddler age nieces and nephew even if they don't understand German.
    Your Bible verse on the heading, is just the words I was looking for for one of my blogs on principles. Great minds think alike I too , every autumn use this maple leaf background on another blog, I am sure it is most popular this time of year and looks individual on each blog.
    I hope you don't mind me asking if you have encountered blogger asking you to purchase extra photo space? If so, how you solved this problem? I could delete photos, not preference, make them smaller, a lot of work, or purchase. My concern is not cost, but security on site for credit card monthly debits. What have you and your blogger friends done?

    1. cab, I'm so sorry I am responding so late. This comment went unnoticed in my dashboard waiting to be published.
      It's probably way late to answer your question on the blogger photo space but I will. I did buy more space and my google account automatically renews it once per year. I haven't had any trouble so far with my information. My other friends have also purchased more space as needed.
      Again, so sorry this is so late.


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