from Auntie Hilda

There are so many things that matter most....
but every now and then...
it is the little thoughts of kindness that bring cheer!

I can't remember the last time I went to the mailbox and discovered a parcel.

Do you know that moment just before opening a gift?
Have you ever just let is sit unopened and pondered it?

I did that.
Once I opened the brown wrapper and found this pretty paper inside..
I let is sit...and emptied my dishwasher.

I kept glancing over at it...
not willing for the surprise to end.

Inside...was a handwritten note from Auntie Hilda...
written with love.

Still taking my time..
I put on a pot of coffee..
and checked email.

Truly...I did that.

A gift from this my favorite store. here.

She saw this sweet apron while shopping with cousin Nancy.
She thought of me...
imagine that.

It is perfect!
I love it!

You are...
 as always..
so kind..
and generous.
Thank you so much!

A girl never has too many aprons.

all for now...


  1. How delightful! Definitely the best store!! :) I do the same thing with packages. Sometimes I leave the contents set up in a still life for days because I don't want to disturb the beauty of it. :) How nice to be thought of by your Aunt!!!

  2. So cute! Auntie Hilda has you figured out.

    Lovella, I have never savored a gift like this...nope. I can't wait to get into it. Your approach makes me smile. Perhaps I should try it.

  3. And you look beautiful in the apron. Happy Thanksgiving! (just a little late...or early...depending upon how one looks at it).

  4. It truly is fun receiving things in the mail. Just the right kind of apron with thoughts and love wrapped all together. It's just perfect.

  5. That is very sweet for sure and you picked the perfect spot to take a photo to show it to us...

  6. Aw... I love it! What a perfect surprise!

  7. How fun is that? I love it.

  8. Didn't know that was your favorite store! They do have the cutest aprons and that one suits cute little old you just great!

  9. I love the apron. And yes, your Aunt is the sweetest. It is so fun to get a gift. Something that you know someone went out of their way to get you. Just knowing that she was thinking of you makes the gift so very special. You are a blessed lady!!!

  10. What a lovely surprise! Your Aunt Hilda sounds like a wonderful person.

  11. That apron becomes you!!!! I have never heard of that store (can you imagine!). I looked it up and there is one with an hours drive to Oakville, Ontario. Hmmm - might have to check it out sometime. What a lovely and thoughtful gift and love how you savoured it before opening.

  12. What a sweet surprise! That is a great photo of you in the pumpkin patch wearing your beautiful apron. It was nice that you took you time in opening your gift. I received 2 parcels from my sister for Thanksgiving but I lit right into them. ;)

  13. Darling apron....darling photo!

  14. This is the best Autumn picture ever.



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