so long March

I am rapidly developing a theory that applies to the lives of two people I know .. .
me and mine.
While the anticipation of a vacation/sabbatical is enough to keep the adrenalin flowing throughout the chilliest days of winters end, the pictures and the post vacation/sabbatical analysis lacks energy and a sustainability upon return.
This last week if someone would have asked us to describe ourselves in the animal world, cheetah and roadrunner would have not come to mind.
While my beloved had no choice but to be thrown back in the tasks at hand, I have accomplished little more than absolutely necessary.
We have in our 30 years of marriage during the winter and spring months taken . .. .
One trip to Waikiki with friends that continues to give enjoyable memories . .. .
Two trips to Disneyland, once with our children and once with grandparents joining us . . .
One trip to the Mayan Riviera with our grown sons before they left home,
One trip to Maui by ourselves several years ago that I planned as a surprise . . ..
One trip to Maui with our sons and daughter in laws before babies began to arrive. . .
One trip to Palm Springs with friends last year .. . .
now this 30th anniversary.
I've discovered the whole winter vacation idea is mildly addictive.
We anticipate . .
we enjoy . ..
we come home .. .
and we want more.
On top of that we feel guilty for those that can't go.
Can anyone else relate to this?
Am I in the doldrums alone?
This week, I need desperately to get motivated for life on the farm.
The blossoms are opening, and the rhubarb is showing promise,
even the peonies are pushing out their promise of strong healthy stems.
This week I will purpose to start moving forward again.
The pedometer is back on.
The walk is moments away.
I've had my raisin bran, and my yogurt, and a bit of fruit salad.
I'm off for my walk.
So long March . . .
Have a wonderful day my friends.


  1. I hear you might be in for a good dose of sunshine this week. Praying that you will be restored and refreshed in your everyday world...

  2. Good morning Lovella. I heard that you guys over there had snow on Saturday and yet we didn't see a flake. Weird eh? And I am sorry to say that I am not feeling so bad for you about the post-vacation doldrums. We haven't been on a plane since 1992 so I am having the no-vacation doldrums.

    Well anyway, have a great day, spring has to be on its way right?

  3. I feel with you in regards to the "let down" after days of flip flops and sunshine. I came back from Phoenix hoping we could take out our patio set soon and so was not excited to see the snow on Saturday morning. By the evening, though, I had to thank God for another chance to experience a nice cozy date with our grandkids who will be going back to Indonesia before summer. We made cocoa with marshmallows, popcorn, a fire in the fireplace and watched veggie tales. A memory set in "stone". I still hope that we can take out that patio set soon, though.

  4. Loved all the beautiful pictures of Spring!!! Wish I could post a few that looked like that from this end, but it's not really happening yet. Oh well. :)

  5. That's the problem with tropical warm location vacations. Manana spirit takes over, which doesn't mean tomorrow, it means "not today." Mexican vacations can make me rachet down to doing nothing for a couple of months. Sitting and doing nothing is very addictive.

    Cold weather vacations rev me up: I want to go and see EVERYTHING. Ah well, this vacation should be a mix of sitting on the beach and touring. We'll see if that will produce a happy medium of attitude towards industry once we come home.

  6. pedometer? And here I am asking for roller blades in the office, thinking that it would be easier running from here to there! Sigh, lazy me....Have fun walking...nature has a way of helping us forget we are really exercising....

  7. I usually come home from vacation raring to go...but the weather last week was enough to put a chill on one's enthusiasm!

    Was that rhubarb picture taken now? If so, I think you will be having rhubarb pie long before I!

    I forgot my pedometer this orning...but had a nice long walk with Marg.

  8. I'm chuckling over your addictive/guilt syndrome relating to vacations !!
    I have a theory I've lived by for decades ... I have never gone on a major vacation with the following emotional results.. I can't be addicted to something I have never tried.. and I have no guilt !
    I thoroughly enjoy other people's account of their vacations but feel no envy!! So please don't feel any guilt, I love sharing in other people's vacations ! It is such a cheap way to go!!! SMILE !

  9. I'm right there with you.
    It's been two weeks and I' still trying to get motivated.
    Today is cleaning barns, so maybe I can whip up some biscuits and make a pot of fresh coffee. Sounds difficult eh?
    It's time for me to get out in my garden once again and feel the warm air. It's supposed to appear by the end of the week. Yippee!!!

  10. Judy . . .it is rhubarb already .. . need some chicken manure?

  11. i'm sure that it's hard to get back into things after being away somewhere nice and warm! here's hoping that getting back into the swing of things is smooth sailing (or should i say walking?).

  12. I almost always have a bit of post holiday slump upon returning to life as usual following a holiday. Doesn't matter if it was just camping. I've decided it's OK to reenter at a slow pace.

    The sun will come the next few days and that may help. I long to be out in the yard in the warm sun.

  13. It is always an adjustment after an idyllic vacation. Please don't feel guilty, though. You took us all along and what a wonderful time we had, too.

    Enjoy those walks; they'll be restorative.

    Oh, guess what I had for breakfast? Paska! Yes, I made some yesterday. Big hit with all the family...very yummy stuff that and the frosting! Omigosh! So good. Needless to say, I won't be making any for another year.

  14. I love the posts about your vacation! So warm, and calm, and beautiful and romantic!
    I must admit that I have the same 'trying to get back into life' feeling that you're talking about. My husband tells me that the only cure for that is to plan another vacation! I might just give it a try!

  15. I too always feel a little 'let down' after vacations. I'm thinking I don't stay away long enough!!
    Wow, the rhubarb looks amazing! I haven't even thought of checking mine because I know that there is nothing in sight yet and will have to wait another month for sure!
    Oh those definetly have spring happening, ..actually here it is too, just at a slower pace.

  16. I say GOOD RIDDINS to March. We've had freakishly strange weather. I'm OVER it!

  17. It might be April tomorrow, but here in Michigan, it's still winter. Lots of rain today, and cold tomorrow, with snow coming next week. Global warming? Hah!

  18. we enjoyed our vicarious holiday through you Lovella - thanks for sharing it with us.

    it must be hard to come back to the snow - but you are ahead of us - we had 4 cm this morning - hopefully rain tomorrow - but no rhubarb for another month or so :)

  19. I can relate! Perhaps Bloggers need a tropical retreat of sorts so you can add that to your list :)

    It's great to look forward to the next getaway.


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