snow today

He said .. . "for crying out loud"
I said .. . ."oh, for pity sakes"

no bloggy walking club today. . . .for obvious reasons.
See you Monday my friends.


  1. A few miles away and we have no snow.
    I am putting on my down vest again. It's too cold.
    I'm waiting every day for my tulips to open...
    Have a good weekend.

  2. I don't get it...did you over expose your shot? The grass looks all white like. Try changing your setting. (smirk...we had breakfast in the garden, the patio lion was on the prowl and a cardinal and chicadee serenaded us. Thought of you...)

    Well, it will be a good day to organize your vacation photos. By the by, Adobe photoshop has a free web version with lots of bells and whistles. Maybe it will solve your need for root touch ups; just do it to your photos online!

  3. I know!!!
    I had such a hard time putting away my summer clothes. Welcome home weather hey!
    Glad you had a fabulous time, its amazing how looking back at the pictures brings you back.
    heres to great memories!

  4. Oh, my...doesn't that make you want to return to Hawaii?

    After a long day of unpacking boxes (we're about 10% unpacked), I quickly fixed up our little patio with plants, statuary, spring-based chairs and a table, and we sat and chatted. Outside...80 degrees...nice! I'll try to post a photo of the patio soon.

    I've done so much walking with this move this week, and I can't remember which box has my pedometer! I might have had some really big numbers! Oh, well. I'll locate it sometime soon.

  5. yes.. what happened to our hopes of spring in the air, Lovella?
    I love your shots .. beautiful...

    I'm not sure I appreciate Jill's gloating smirk... smile !

  6. Lovella, Your holiday sounds just lovely. Isn't it great to be away with your best friend/lover for such a great rest and adventure? I'm so happy you could go. Sorry about the snow - the robin is probably more shocked than we are!

  7. Ha! Perfect shot with those tulips on the snow like that!! Wild. Our snow from yesterday has all melted. I'll see you next week for walking totals. I've logged 16,997 already today. :) My walk with my girlfriends on the Burke Gilman trail is a 2 hour walk which is over 15,000 steps!! We have lots to catch up on since I'm only here in Washington on holidays. It's non stop talking for 2 hours...

  8. LOL! That's so cute! (I don't blame you for your dismay at all. I can't be dismayed yet or I'd jump off the bridge. I've heard that the water is mighty cold. ;>)

    Love the tulips against the snow and the poor little robin...just too much fun.

  9. Beautiful pictures...but you can keep your snow...our grass is green.

    I guess you will have to pack away your flip flops and capris for a bit yet.

  10. Absolutely loved the photo of the tulips in the snow - although disliked the circumstances that made it possible!! Apparently my calendar tells me it's going to be April in 2 more days?!?! Lori

  11. lovella...........i feel your pain, we just can't seem to warm up here in the praries and it is snowing here too, wet snow, COLD WET SNOW, ok.........breath deep, sometimes i kinda,sorta,smell its comin' right?!
    #%$^&*! (the mennonite version of expressing, um well, you

  12. We were to get a snowstorm but most of it missed us...just a bit of wet snow!
    The red tulips are a nice contrast to the white snow!
    Enjoy your weekend, Lovella!

  13. Oh my....will it never end?
    Have a wonderful weekend!


  14. UGH!!!! That white wall of winter crept up the hillside. We had about 5 cm. of the stuff! UGH!!!

  15. I'll take the snow over rain any day! I love the spring flowers in front of the winter snow :)

  16. I am in Phoenix right now, and even now at the end of March, I could use some of that cooler snow weather.

    My pedometer readings this week have been dismal due to vacation time. I'll put it back on this week!

  17. Hey Lovella,
    Welcome to our world! It can snow here without a cloud in the sky. It is interesting.

  18. I hear ya! Bring on Spring!

  19. We heard of this 'snow' while we were on our way home from California, we were thinking of turning around and going back!


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