above the clouds

While we were in Maui, the moon was full and I spent a few early morning trying to capture the moon above the water. This proved to be rather useless and yet tomorrow I'll show you the best I did at 4 in the morning tomorrow. Terry took this one before it was fully light.

After many days of reading and relaxing we decided we were going to be adventurous and wanted to do the zip lines but when we arrived at the place they were fully booked. We didn't realize that we needed to book in advance. Since this was on the way to the crater we decided take a ride up the mountain.
These folks were at the top of the mountain beginning their horse ride and I was looking through my view finder when I spotted them and clicked.

It was about this time that I said .. . I would like to stop at the visitor center to use the ladies room.
He said .. . okay
I said (looking through the view finder) . .. we just drove passed it.
He said . .. where?
I said .. . ( I saw it through the view finder)

This road didn't exactly have big shoulders and I'm always totally paranoid about turning around where cliffs are in view.
Somehow this knowledge gives my beloved a desire to turn around at the smallest excuse.

He said .. . don't worry we'll turn around.
I said . .. no .. please don't
He said .. . it's not a problem

We did and I hurried to the ladies room, handing off the camera as you can see.
When I came out I was laughing really hard.
(He seems to rather take pictures of me leaving instead of coming)
After I finished using the toilet and started to flush, I noticed a sign on a brass plaque at slightly above eye level that said .. .
don't flush anything down the toilet .. .(you know the one)
but it also had it in braille.
Now doesn't that seem funny?
I mean, does a blind person go to use the toilet and then before flushing scan the walls for instructions?
If you go to the crater in the next while please check this out .. .
Behind me you can see the sand hills that are slowly growing in the crater.

Again, pictures of me from behind.
It was amazing being on the ground and yet looking down at the clouds.
I was freezing up there at around 40 degrees.

On the way back down, I firmly said I needed to stop to take pictures.
He amused himself while I did this.
We stopped for one photo op looking down towards the airport.

Tomorrow I'll wrap up the week with a few more photos.
Next week I'll get back to daily routines and the things that happen on the farm.
Have a wonderful day my friends, I'm off to have my roots looked at.


  1. There's no need to wrap it up that fast! This travelogue is great...including those photos of you from behind! They have an air of mystery to them. Although I can certainly see the determination in your step as you head for the ladies' room. LOL!

    Capturing shots of the moon are such a challenge. Can't wait to see yours. Terry's is a great photo!

    And your parents wrote down their stories/story? Hmmmm...

  2. I feel like I was there...thanks for taking us along to Maui. That's as close as most of us will get this year!

    Great photos...I love the sunset!

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  4. (sorry, I deleted because of serious typo!)

    Oh..you made me say Wow..
    you made me say Awwww...
    you made me say "NO DON"T TURN AROUND !" What is it with guys!! Vic does that all the time .. and I'm hanging onto anything for dear life and he says, "Relax, I'M driving !" yah... I know .. that's the problem... but I don't dare say it out loud !! smile

    and you made me laugh !! Braille on the toilet wall? Yes.. how senseless--- they expect the blind to grope washroom walls in case someone left them a braille message??? Yuck!!

    Your captured memories are sooo beautiful and tell Terry I love his moon shot...soo perfect !!

  5. We once went to something similiar. As you said, I thought this was just an appetizer to the Grand Canyon.
    Those mountains are amazing, but I sure remember being icy cold.
    Roots, diets, exercise, mmamograms bookeeping, cleaning barns, cleaning house. They just never seem to end.

  6. Great pics, Lovella! My hubby is the same always getting pics from my 'behind'. Oh and about turning around on highways..oh yeah the same.
    Hmm, I have a friend who is blind and she always is up for a good joke, I must ask her about those signs in Braille behind the toilet...that's too funny!
    Shots of the moon, love the one Terry took and now wait to see the one you took at 4 am.
    We're supplying supper for the youth group from our church today so I need to go make a brownie trifle..

  7. I have so enjoyed your vacation posts. Your pictures are gorgeous and make me long for sunshine. I wouldn't mind seeing a second weeks worth of pictures either. Thanks for sharing! --Amber

  8. Beautiful pictures Lovella! Your hair is so cute and fresh- what a beauty you are my sweet friend.

    Looks like a nice time for sure!

    mama to 6
    one homemade and 5 adopted

  9. Nice journey through Maui with you lovella. ha! love the behind shots. I'm glad he got a shot of you taking the shot of the pretty yellow flowers on the side of the road. So was there random people posted here and there to take photos of the two of you :)


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