Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Larson Hill ATV trip 2014

Our weekend started on Wednesday night.  
We've discovered that the early bird gets the best spot to camp.

The scenery changes year to year only by the color of the fall foliage.

The guys rode out of camp onto the very dry dusty trails Thursday, Friday and Saturday mornings.

Saturday morning...
this crew drove into camp to join the fun.

While the guys were gone..
the rest of us had a tailgate party.

There was some pretending....

and snacking.

Grandpa stayed back in camp with us on the Saturday because that is the kind of Grandpa he is!

We took a picnic down to the river for lunch.

The river was icy cold 

The potato chip bag was passed around and then carried by the one who found it fairly handy to have it slung over his shoulder.

The rocks were slippery and a little too high for the protection of the gum boots.
Eventually the water filled gum boots were removed and the little ones took the ferry across to the rock.

There was practice at skipping rocks.

There were fuzzy little friends found.

There were found boards ready to paint.

There was some trial and errors at building fires.
One day it might actually work. 

The painting.

I'm not artistic but I love to see artists at work.

Eventually the day riders came back and the little ones were able to take their turns.

Grandpa in the front with the littlest....
the two in the middle and the Daddy at the back.

I was there while those little ATV's and the motorcycle were loaded onto the flat deck.
I yammered the whole time at them...
and then left them to load them up and prayed they would have lots of fun...
and come back safely.

There were a few photos taken of them on the gravel trail....

and on the paved trail.

All their BMX bicycle riding has made them good little riders with our without motors.

The littlest had his lessons in riding too.

When his little thumb got sore from holding down the throttle lever.

It seemed that pushing would be just as much fun!

Later on...

they had some fun riding across the river.


Ah... made it across.

On Sunday the camping grounds emptied out and we were left with a wide open space for the littles to ride around.

The campfire was kindled again for a weiner roast before heading home.

The day started out near freezing and it was decided that wearing fleecy jammies was much like wearing long johns.

Once the wieners were roasted...
the fire was doused.

Eventually it warmed up.

The littles were cleaned up a bit ...
because it always feels best to be clean to fall asleep.

All arrived home safely.

We had a wonderful time.

Thanking God.

all for now...

Monday, September 22, 2014

~ packing up the trailer refrigerator

This last weekend we packed up the trailer to head up to Larson hill for the last camping trip of the summer. 

I loaded the vegetable crisper with the produce in the garden with a fresh greek salad to share with the group.

Jalapenos because there should always be fresh jalapenos in every fridge.
Hummus and yogurt and sour cream.
I made some fresh salsa and caramel apples.
Cold cuts, cheeses fixings for wraps for the trail and coleslaw mix for our pulled pork sandwiches.

I brought plenty of lengths of Plum Perishky for dessert.
Hot dog buns and packets of frozen pulled pork.
Muffins for breakfast from McD's, both his favourite and mine.

Cookies for trail riding and a frozen rhubarb loaf and hashbrowns for Sunday's big breakfast.
In the door I packed condiments, two kinds of pickles, a jar of borscht, dressings and butter.

The good news is that the two of us didn't eat all this food.
We were happy to share. 

all for now..

Monday, September 15, 2014

Taking the Sea to Sky Gondola

We truly live in a beautiful area of the world.  Yesterday we decided late morning to take a drive up to Squamish to ride the new Sea to Sky Gondola .

Forty minutes past Vancouver, the drive on the Sea to Sky highway,  which is considered to be one of the most beautiful drives in the world. We drove into Squamish first and ate took advantage on yet one more beautiful summer sunday by eating outside on a patio before taking the short drive back to the gondola parking lot. 

 We were not the only ones with the idea and felt extremely happy to be able to grab a spot (a wide spot) to park.

The gondola ride takes ten minutes and rises 885 meters above sea level. 

Once at the top of the ride, we walked the easy trails and enjoyed the views in every direction.

There are plenty of easy trails and more difficult trails that provide a panoramic view.

Below us we could see the estuary where the fresh water meets the sea. 
The day was a bit hazy so I enhanced the photo above and below so that you could see the different colours of the water below us.

The estuary was busy with sailboats, kiteboarders and wind surfers.  It is said to be one of the best ten places in the world for windsurfing.

We couldn't believe they wouldn't tangle with each other.

It was good to do something enjoyable that we've never done to end the summer.

One more week of summer and now that the barns have been cleaned out and washed and my beloved has once again finished his cleaning marathon...
we'll enjoy each day of sunshine...
grateful for the summer we've had and looking forward to a new season ahead.

all for now...