Teaching Grammie to Rollerblade

Yesterday afternoon while the menfolk went Paintballing I allowed the little kids to talk me into letting them show me how to Rollerblade.  I mentioned I used to rollerblade a little bit and somewhere had rollerblades that were still like brand new.  They wanted to see them and by the time I got back they had found my helmet and proceeded to coach me in how to put the rollerblades on.

They showed me how to balance and promised me that if I would practice hard, the next time they would come, they would  teach me a few tricks.  All this... while I avoided the reckless gator driver.

Honestly, I did get better as the practice runs continued!

All in a days work for a Grammie.

And now... you know how our family really rolls.  Everytime I see this video... I just have to laugh.

Happy Labour day friends.


  1. Oh that is great! You did a lot better than I would! You're a good sport!
    I was just happy to find out I could do a bum drop on the tramp last week.

  2. Oh...too funny! Too bad my roller blades got dropped off at the thrift store...or we could do some pairs skating. :)

  3. Hilarious! I guess H was ready to bowl you over since you were slowing him down...too funny.

  4. This is too funny. I think somewhere we have some old rollerblades...I'll pass. I love watching HENRY!

  5. That's the BEST video! I love how Henry was yelling at you to "get off" and then proceeded to try and run you over. That's awesome!

    1. And the good news is that they came over again today to do some more teaching! I'm getting better at getting out of the way.

  6. Oh my, that is hysterical! Thanks for sharing!

  7. Oh what fun Lovella!!! That is hilarious! You are a wonderful Grammie and you did way better than I could have. I used to roller skate but better hide mine lest some little young-uns might find them and put me to the test!

  8. You are a STAR Lovella! I just hope that this video doesn't go viral, or there will be grandchildren all over expecting their Grandmas to strap on the roller blades and have a 'go'!


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