~ packing up the trailer refrigerator

This last weekend we packed up the trailer to head up to Larson hill for the last camping trip of the summer. 

I loaded the vegetable crisper with the produce in the garden with a fresh greek salad to share with the group.

Jalapenos because there should always be fresh jalapenos in every fridge.
Hummus and yogurt and sour cream.
I made some fresh salsa and caramel apples.
Cold cuts, cheeses fixings for wraps for the trail and coleslaw mix for our pulled pork sandwiches.

I brought plenty of lengths of Plum Perishky for dessert.
Hot dog buns and packets of frozen pulled pork.
Muffins for breakfast from McD's, both his favourite and mine.

Cookies for trail riding and a frozen rhubarb loaf and hashbrowns for Sunday's big breakfast.
In the door I packed condiments, two kinds of pickles, a jar of borscht, dressings and butter.

The good news is that the two of us didn't eat all this food.
We were happy to share. 

all for now..


  1. Now that makes a fridge full of yummy, healthful things! Hope that you folks have lots of good weather for plenty of autumn adventures, too.

  2. Now I'd go on that trip just for the food! That fridge full looks and sounds amazing. I can tell you love the preparation and anticipation of sharing.

  3. Well, I was kind of wondering if you two were going to eat all that! What a feast to share with friends and family. I'm sure everyone enjoyed every bite!

  4. If I ever do go camping, it will be with you!

  5. It's simply amazing how much those trailer fridges hold! Your food and garden produce looks absolutely wonderful Lovella. So sweet that you took his and hers muffins - what fun! Hope your weather is fantastic for this last week of summer.

  6. Looks like you served up good eats. Your garden produce looks so good!

  7. Yum! Can't believe how much good food you fit in there!


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