Larson Hill ATV trip 2014

Our weekend started on Wednesday night.  
We've discovered that the early bird gets the best spot to camp.

The scenery changes year to year only by the color of the fall foliage.

The guys rode out of camp onto the very dry dusty trails Thursday, Friday and Saturday mornings.

Saturday morning...
this crew drove into camp to join the fun.

While the guys were gone..
the rest of us had a tailgate party.

There was some pretending....

and snacking.

Grandpa stayed back in camp with us on the Saturday because that is the kind of Grandpa he is!

We took a picnic down to the river for lunch.

The river was icy cold 

The potato chip bag was passed around and then carried by the one who found it fairly handy to have it slung over his shoulder.

The rocks were slippery and a little too high for the protection of the gum boots.
Eventually the water filled gum boots were removed and the little ones took the ferry across to the rock.

There was practice at skipping rocks.

There were fuzzy little friends found.

There were found boards ready to paint.

There was some trial and errors at building fires.
One day it might actually work. 

The painting.

I'm not artistic but I love to see artists at work.

Eventually the day riders came back and the little ones were able to take their turns.

Grandpa in the front with the littlest....
the two in the middle and the Daddy at the back.

I was there while those little ATV's and the motorcycle were loaded onto the flat deck.
I yammered the whole time at them...
and then left them to load them up and prayed they would have lots of fun...
and come back safely.

There were a few photos taken of them on the gravel trail....

and on the paved trail.

All their BMX bicycle riding has made them good little riders with our without motors.

The littlest had his lessons in riding too.

When his little thumb got sore from holding down the throttle lever.

It seemed that pushing would be just as much fun!

Later on...

they had some fun riding across the river.


Ah... made it across.

On Sunday the camping grounds emptied out and we were left with a wide open space for the littles to ride around.

The campfire was kindled again for a weiner roast before heading home.

The day started out near freezing and it was decided that wearing fleecy jammies was much like wearing long johns.

Once the wieners were roasted...
the fire was doused.

Eventually it warmed up.

The littles were cleaned up a bit ...
because it always feels best to be clean to fall asleep.

All arrived home safely.

We had a wonderful time.

Thanking God.

all for now...


  1. Amazing!! Now I know why the camper fridge was packed full - smile! What fun.....

  2. Amazing! All the dirt and dust, good food, love and laughter, toys for young and old....such good times and memories. Loved seeing your family in action.

  3. Good for you for making a dirt riding experience even better for the big ones and little ones!

  4. What a fun trip - your grandkids are storing up some fabulous memories.

  5. Oh my goodness what an amazing weekend! Your grands are so blessed with the most awesome parents and grandparents that help them to experience so many things!

  6. It looks like you all had a wonderful time....Food and dust to swallow with some river dips in between. I love how you are making memories with your 'littles' I'm still looking for the photo of your ride......

  7. What a great time you all must have had. I can certainly understand your anxious moments for the littles as they rode off. I enjoyed seeing the pictures and the happy faces.

  8. Fum times all around! Such great memories to cherish...and all documented so beautifully.

  9. What a great weekend! I especially love the picture of your oldest grand on the river rock - and also the three waving bye. So sweet! Looking forward to some camping adventures with my grands someday too.

  10. Such great pictures of the kind of trip I'll never see! I can see you yammering and yet taking pictures of these exciting firsts for the little ones.
    I'm sure these are trips they will remember with much happiness . .. tailgate parties, hot dogs, games, rides, smoke, wet boots and all!!

  11. What an amazing group of photos. I love the "rock chair" in the river. I love the look on the little guys face going through the shallow water because you can see he isn't so sure they won't go under but still want to go further. I love the memories that are being made here. ... even the hotdogs look great and I don't even like hotdogs lol.


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