Friday, July 1, 2016

June 2016

Happy Canada Day!  
I hope you and your family are enjoying each other in this great land! 

Happy 4th of July to all my American friends!

We started out June by going to our favourite place to camp before kids get out of school. 

Summerland is just a beautiful and quiet spot, halfway between Kelowna and Penticton.

On one day we checked out the Myra Canyon trail on the old Kettle Valley railway.

This was what we rode to see the trestles and tunnels. 

I found out that it was a good idea to take pictures from my spot on the bike otherwise he was known to take off without me!

We stopped for lunch and I scrambled up aways to find the perfect spot to enjoy the scenery. 

Early cherries were just beginning to ripen.

We ate our fair share and brought home boxes for the kids for staying home and being good kids!

We enjoyed coffee a few times at Granny's Bakery Cafe.

If you are passing through Summerland it is a must stop.  This summer our friend Elmer is helping his kids in the bakery and so we had a great visit with Elmer and Ricka! 

The baking is fantastic!

We drove around the lake to Naramata one afternoon enjoyed watching a small storm come in.

The lavender fields were gorgeous. 
While we were away...
this guy graduated from preschool.

Done and done!  
On this particular evening, he was revelling in his survival and wasn't even thinking about kindergarten in fall and then the 12 years ahead of him.  

I just love thrift stores and brought this sweet milk glass vase home.

I'm not the only one in the family that loves milk glass so I happily share.

I've always hoped to find a dress to match the era our 1950 Merc.

If you saw this sweet little dress in a thrift store and it fit you perfectly....
wouldn't you be tempted to buy it for $50?

Even my beloved knew it was meant to be mine.

The owner of this dress wore it once as a bridesmaid and then tucked it into a suitcase since before I was born and it's been there ever since.  

It matches our little bedroom too! 
That detail alone just makes me happy.  

I have the perfect occasion to wear it this summer too!

Super excited about that sweet find. 

I guess you can tell.  

When we came home I picked the garlic scapes...

and our own cherries. 

The garden needed weeding so I did that while enjoying our own stormy skies. 

Romaine lettuce is so wonderful freshly picked.

By the time we came back they were about ready to put the trusses on the barn addition. 

We put this boy to work picking rocks.

He was shown how to put the rock on the shovel and drag it to his pile. 

We thought it would be a 20 minute interest but his passion for digging up things that didn't belong just grew.

He dragged and pulled and carried for two hours.

When things were too big ...

he still somehow managed to roll and get it onto the pile. 

... even if it meant flipping over and over.

I think he's going to be a motivated worker in future years. 

The roses were particularly beautiful.

The skies were unusually artsy.

I walked around the farm as usual and enjoyed the entertainment of barn building. 

My beloved was called on to be a chauffeur in a grad parade.

Every year students from MEI find a special mode of transportation to their grad event.

It was fun to watch the students arrive by almost anything you can imagine. 

I picked the garlic and he trimmed the grapes.

The barn continued to come closer to completion. 

On Father's Day the family came over.  

By the time dessert rolled around the dads were lounging on the couches. 

The grands were entertaining Oma with their stories.

I wanted one simple picture of the Dads and the kids...

There was lots of tomfoolery but we got it done!  =)

We (they) topped the massive cottonwoods since some large branches had come down without wind. 

It was a mess to clean up.

I had one last hand tied bouquet to make for one last little ballerina. 

Sweetest little poodle ever!

My hydrangeas have just thrilled me this summer. 

And that was June! 

I hope you all have a most wonderful July!  

See you August 1st.  

all for now.. 
with love.