The little coats

Did I never show you the finished coats?
I was at the fabric store yesterday and I wondered if I had. . .
and as far as I can see. .
I didn't.

If I did. ..let's just play along. ..okay?

Remember the little inspiration coat I thought was so cute?

I don't have a picture of the three girls wearing their little coats. .
but I did take a quick picture with my phone just before these two lined up to be in their Sunday School Christmas program.

The coats turned out to be designed for layering underneath. . .
not necessarily the plan but they'll fit them for quite sometime.  :)

So. ..yesterday I was cutting out pajamas again.
I'll take pictures today of my progress of the cutting.
You would think I would have purchased a print that can go either way.

all for now .. 


  1. Very cute! Did you get to go to the concert?
    PJ's....that is always a must I have for the kids for Christmas Eve.

  2. The coat project was obviously quite successful. I admire your resolve to see up five sets of jammies each Christmas.

    My own brain whispered "buy them ready made, then switch the buttons to something fun, and knit matching slipper socks instead".

    If even that....just lazy I guess.

  3. I did wonder about the coats and always forgot to ask. It looks adorable on your little Christmas Angel there.
    All the best with the pj project! Last year's mistake is done, so I know you won't make that one again. That's the good thing.. we never make the same mistake twice. =)

  4. Lovella - those coats are adorable. I think it's so cool that you sew things like this for your grands. I should start practicing my sewing skills now in case I ever get so lucky to have grandchildren - what a beautiful way to show your love for them!

  5. Absolutely adorable, and that sweet girlie looks so much like your hubby. Blessings.

  6. Now, Lovella, just a word of advice, think like a pajama leg! =)

    That coat is the sweetest thing. My goodness the money to be saved on such big ticket items. Yay for Grammies who sew!

  7. Well I have my sewing machine - but no teacher! Want to come for a visit and bring yours with you? :)

  8. Can I be your granddaughter? :o)

  9. I think I would even wear a coat like that. The coats are just so adorable and now know what your next MGCC project will be, instead of sewing aprons...make jammies for the girls.
    Those grands are so adorable.

  10. The coats are adorable!!!! How fun to sew for your grandkids.

    I should try powdered buttermilk sometime.....not sure I knew about it.

  11. I like one for a big girl, if you're taking orders!! That coat is just too cute!

  12. Lovella
    I never saw the coats, they are
    adorable. I love paisley.
    Have fun with your pj making!

  13. Simply adorable!! Those grands sure are lucky to have a sewing Grammy!

  14. The coat is so cute, as is the proud wearer! You are so clever and talented to be able to whip up such beautiful things.

  15. Very cute. You are a model grandmother, Lovella. And your grandkids are very blessed.


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