it's all how you look at it!

My friend Hilda was telling me she was quickly sewing up some nighties for her granddaughters.
I thought.  .oh I remember how I loved the nighties and pajamas my mom sewed for me.
I wore each nightie until it was thread bare and then another one would miraculously be ready.
So little thought ever went into wondering where she found the time.

I suddenly felt inspired to sew some nighties and pajamas out of nice quality flannelette.
On the weekend I ran to the fabric store and when I had  a bit of time while making supper I cut out the lil' farm hands pajamas.

I am here to tell you that these are not upside down.
When he looks down at his jammies. .
those tractors are looking right back at him.

ha ha ha!!!

Oh well.  .we'll see what he says.

The important thing today is that I am keeping it real around here.

We'll see how these nighties work in real life.  I  have a feeling that Kanneloni Macaroni's nightie will need a big tuck in the skirt so she won't trip when she walks. 
 These first sets are practice. . that is what I kept telling myself.

I've not worn a flannelette nightie for years. .
but I came mighty close to wishing for one.

When things get crazy for you as you prepare the next few weeks. .
try to remember. .
it's all about how you look at things.

all for now ..


  1. So cute!! I always wore flannel nighties until my inner thermostat starting going crazy. Now it's a light nightshirt and I still have the windows wide open at night - I guess it doesn't last forever :)

    Can hardly wait to see the pictures of your grands in their finery - they'll be sweet!

  2. Guys think John Deere tractors look good from every angle! And to have jammies hand sewn with love by Grammie is the matter which direction the tractors are headed. Lucky grands!

  3. Really it is all about how you look at things..keeping everything in perspective!
    Beautiful jammies, and the little guy will love that the tractors are facing him..might be the only jammies he ever gets that have this special feature:)

  4. Home sewn with love; you are right, they are the memorable ones. Mine were made with mob style night caps too, to be extra extra cute.
    Remember stair step pictures in new pajamas, the kids lined up by age?

  5. Where did you find farm scene flannette? Our fabric store did not have it. Our 4 year old grandson inherited summer JD pj's from my nephew - he wears them to 'work' on the farm; he says they are farm clothes! Too cute. Dairymary

  6. LOVE the 'right-side-up' jammies. My older boy would be thrilled to have them! "Perfect! Now I can see the tractors!"

  7. That is the perfect attitude Lovella. Love that you could laugh at yourself. I love the upside down pajamas that will be right side up when the Little Farm hand looks down.

  8. Lovella, I finally had a chance to read your blog again and I so enjoyed your travel posts. What a wonderful cruise you had and such a gorgeous place to relax at the end of it. The pictures make me feel like I was there with you.
    As for the PJ's when I saw the upside down tractors my first thought was "how did she miss that?" But then immediately understood that when he looks down he'll see them right side up! How clever of you to think of that. He'll remember that in later years and use it as an example of how much his Grammy loved him.

  9. how you think! "Looking right back at him" indeed. They look perfect to me and those nighties...I want one. You don't wear flannel? Not ever? Oh make yourself a nighty. You'll be glad that you did.

  10. Those jammies are beautiful. I am a big fan of handmade things like that, especially for my little girl.

  11. Aw, those nighties are so cute! And the tractor jammies ... that was such a quick fix, wasn't it? Sometimes it pays to look at things from another angle.

  12. you did decorate your laundry room after all didn't you. I saw those lights atop your washer in that first picture.

  13. Love it! Thanks for such a great reminder of what matters during this season. The PJ's are so cute. And you know what... the grands will most likely remember that their Grammie made them Christmas PJs, not that they were too big or had upside down tractors... and if they do remember those details, it will only add to the memory. I know because I have a Grammie who makes me Christmas PJs... and I'm now 26 :) --Amber

  14. Okay, so now I can't figure out if you intended for the tractors to be that way, or if it was a mistake. Either way, he should love them! they are all beautiful! Such a nice idea to make for the grandies.

  15. How sweet. You are right it is all how you look at it. I have a feeling your dear little grands are going to look at it as one of their favorite gifts handmade with love from their grammie.

  16. I love flannel nighties as I'm always cold in winter. The ones you made your grand children are so pretty, Lovella! I also love the tractor PJ's! My grandson would love a set with trains on it ... trains are his favorite thing in the world right now!

  17. A flexible perspective -- the key to happiness! I like how you saw this situation as being the perfect view from the wearer's vantage point!
    I love flannel jammies and I'm sure that your grands are going to enjoy these and feel very loved by their Grammie.
    Warm cozy nights and sweet memories. What a lovely thing!


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