May 2016

This guy loves his coffee black!  
I'm talking the little one.   He had tripped and claimed he couldn't walk but I think it was a ploy to carry Grandpa's cup and finish it off as quick as possible.

I spotted this mama and her babies as I walked around the farm.  She chose our farm to raise her young.  I didn't tell the farmer who is skittish of waterfowl since the avian flu came to the valley a few years back.  

I didn't deliberately chase her away but she was skittish of me,  and the last time I saw them they were making a quick paddle down the ditch. 

The peonies started to open up the very beginning of May.  
My peony loving girl came quickly and went to town on that bush.

I shared peonies all month long and there are still a few left that are near the end of their blooming. 

We went into Vancouver early in May for a date day and sat outside enjoying happy hour.

I just love Yam Fries!

We are back into outdoor BMX.

This little guy is riding with the big kids this year on the full track.
He's learned to balance at the gate, stand while riding and knows when to pedal and when to pump!

Oh goodness... have you heard about the play Mennonite Girls Can Cook?

Are you saying to yourself... "you have got to be kidding?"

I know.. that's what we said too! 

Martha Bolton came out to meet with us. She will be writing the script. 
We are so curious to know what is so intriguing about us that would have a company want to have a play about us.  

If you are in the Indiana or Ohio area this fall you might want to check it out.

We sure want to go see it.  It would be fun to see some of you from that area! 

Mother's Day flowers.

They know I love yellow. 

They were so fresh, they lasted an entire week and opened up perfectly. 

This sweet little tea towel, designed and stitched (with some help) from my sweet littles.  

It is so beautiful to me.  

They think of Paska, cinnamon buns and pies when they think of me.  =)

There were some sunny skies in May.
You know what they say about making hay!

For months we had been thinking about the men's conference.

Anneliese and I were asked if we would be in charge of the food.

We just can't say no to a challenge and it is a lot of fun to feed a group of appreciative guys!

We enlisted the help of some very good help.

Left to right...

Dorothy, Linda, Heidi  (and okay Terry) and Hilda. 

Terry was mostly there to offer comedic relief.

When you ask your best friends to roll bacon around 1000 sausages, you had better make sure they have some fun doing it. 

These two had an extraordinary amount of fun.  

I forgot to take a picture of the big chocolate chocolate chip cookie that we served with hot fudge sauce and ice cream on Friday night.  

I wonder if Anneliese took a photo of that.

We made cinnamon buns for Saturday morning coffee. 

They were very much appreciated.

On Saturday, Shirley joined the team!

They cut up fruit for a few hours for the fruit salad.

Pounds and pounds of bacon were baked. 

Trays and trays of hashbrowns were prepared.

Terry and Herb grilled the farmer sausage.

Heidi and Linda cut it up to serve. 

Three big bowls of fruit salad were almost polished off. 

Blueberry French Toast using 180 eggs.  Yay!

After the guys finished grilling the sausage, they set to work doing all the dishes.
It took them hours but they somehow never stopped having fun. 

The next day we took off in the trailer to spend some time with our small group from church.

Despite what some might say,
I'm quite appreciated as a back seat driver. 

Our campsite at Brae Island Regional Park is a short distance from the local coffee shops. 

While we sat there, I taught the group how to do panorama photos.  

We were three couples camping and the rest of the small group joined us for dinner one evening.

We spent lots of time walking.

We played cards.

The ladies won this round of Sluff. 

We came home to the peonies in full bloom.

This was after my peony loving girl took her fair share.

These three are always wanting to show me something they can do. 

They make me smile while they do it. 

One Sunday afternoon I pulled out a few of my oldie goldie candle lighter dresses.

I was about their age when I wore them.

This dress was long but my practical mom cut it off so I could wear it to church.  

I am pretty sure I didn't wear the sheer train to church. 
I'm so glad she kept it for me. 

This little dress was for my brother and sister in law's wedding.
August 5, 1966

They will be married 50 years this summer. 

This dress was for my cousin's wedding.

The brides little sister was my best friend.

My mom sewed both our dresses and I remember that exact shade gladiolas at the candlelabras. 

This sweet girl has discovered I have a blog this year.  

She found this post about this special little doll and wanted to know if she was old enough to have it. 

She is. 

The precious little doll has now gone home where it belongs. 


this is the end of the photos of the dresses. 

Thanks for bearing with me.
I waited a very long time to try my little dresses on little girls.

We went to the Chris Tomlin concert.

It was so wonderful being in that massive praise and worship service.

The peonies kept blooming and the roses started to bloom too. 

The japanese peonies also started blooming. 

We enjoyed some great weather for smoking ribs. 

Did I mention my peonies were lovely this year?

And the Abraham Darby David Austin roses?

Their fragrance is like no other. 

We have a serious cherry crop this year. 

My trail around the farm leads directly underneath these limbs. 

We finally broke ground for the addition to the barn.

Excavators arrived and moved dirt here and there.

Things long buried by a different kind of farmer was discovered. 

There will be less lawn to mow this summer. 

This is where the new manure storage area will be.

The manure is taken out of the barn once a year.

A big pile of it is stored on a paved area and then it is carted off within a week or two.

The rest of the year, the manure storage pit is just a pit. 

I'll show you sometime. 

They removed gravel from one area to put down where the manure storage pit will be.
What was so interesting was that they found the water table which was much higher than the water in the ditch.

I have no idea how that works.

He wanted to use the sludgehammer. 

I'm not a uptight grammie so I let him go to town. 

He knew to keep his legs far apart. =)

Grandpa pulled out our boys old tonka toys. 

He started to cry when it was time for him to go home. =(

The garden is doing well.

We have fresh lettuce but we won't be eating carrots from the garden anytime soon. 

Near the end of the month we were invited to witness a couple recommit themselves in marriage.

After a difficult time, forgiveness has been given.

God has brought healing to this family. 

It was the most beautiful evening. 

God is good!

We were invited to attend the ballet recital.

I put together two little hand tied bouqets and then made one extra in case there was a little girl without.

There was.  

These precious little girls danced their hearts out.

I'm so happy they have opportunites I missed as a little girl.
I think I might have loved to dance. 

This little fellow got his Bible since he will be leaving the Preschool department of Sunday School.

Love the word!  May it sink deep into his heart and may he learn to have joy in obedience. 

To end the month, the MGCC from the valley were very blessed to have Rosella come for a visit. 

Kathy organized a tea party in the park and we enjoyed a few hours that went way too fast. 

Rosella has been such an encouragement.  

We have learned to know her through blogging and she is as dear in person as she is in the lovely comments she leaves each day.  

We are blessed by her friendship.
And that my dear friends is the month of May.

 I am so thankful for this place where I can share my heart and know that you are here to read because you care.

In this blogging community we learn to love one another in a unique way.

Though some of us haven't met in person we care when one is hurting.

This last week a dear friend way on the other side of America lost her beloved.

We are so sorry Vee for your loss.  Our prayers are with you and your family as you mourn.

all for now..
with love, 


  1. Now that was a very full month. How fun for those girlies to have those dresses to put on and twirl in and the little guy have all that dirt to enjoy! A great combination of fun, service and celebration!

  2. What a month! Flowers and food and friends and family - so many wonderful blessings from God.

  3. You really packed that all into the month of May? It always amazes me what all happens in one month! Love your pic's...of blooms and grands (especially your two in their vintage wedding attire!)and concerts and gatherings around the table and fun with friends!

  4. Oh Lovella - what a busy and wonderful month of May for you and your family. Those little girls modelling your dresses are just too adorable. Your photography is brilliant! The peonies - oh my they are gorgeous and I am looking at one of these bouquets from your garden as I type this - thank you SO much! It was such a thrill for me to spend time with you amazing women. You are all beautiful inside and out! There really are no words to describe how much you have encouraged me.

  5. I really look forward to and enjoy your monthly re-caps Lovella. This one was no exception. The little girls and the dresses - well I have done that too, and can't wait for my little granddaughters to wear the dresses I wore, and that were then worn by their mother. The peonies - well, this was really an exceptional year for them, wasn't it? The rest of the post left me wondering how you pack such a lot into a month. It looks like it was a lot of fun!

  6. Just lovely!! That's a LOT of cooking and everything looks delicious!!! You are blessed :0! God is good!

  7. As stressful as it sometimes is to plan and wonder how things will work out, it all looks so easy when you look back!
    Makes me smile with relief! Okay... I can see the newest trendy style of girls' dresses coming out with sheer trains. Is New York googling you? So fun and pretty! I love how they had fun modelling them while the little trucker had fun in the mud.

  8. oh I am so sorry to hear about Vee's husband - her's is a name I've seen over and over again over the years through your blog. There are so many things to comment on that by the time I reach the end of the post I forget what I was going to say at the beginning! Ha ha ha! Well, it has been an amazing two weeks of peonies here -- really only about 1 week with a few stragglers at the beginning and end. I have enjoyed them to the utmost. I only have one rose bush so when the peonies go that's kind of it for awhile. I have lots of perennials coming and the zinnias are poking through the soil. Nothing beats the peonies and roses though. I need to post my pictures soon. Love the pics of the girls in your old dresses!!! SO fun!!! A play about MGCC???!!!!!! That is too fun!!!! If you come to IN let me know!!!! Maybe I can drive up!!! Or maybe you need a place to stay or a ride from the airport!!!..... The food you made for the men was incredible! Sure beats by far any sort of food I've had at a conference. Time to get on with my day. :) I had a child up all through the night with hives all over him. Got to figure out why.....

  9. What beautiful photos you have shared for the month of May. You certainly are a busy lady! Thanks for sharing all you do and the wonderful photos too. Happy June to you and yours. Enjoy!

  10. Several things I want to comment on:
    - your PEONIES!!!! Oh my goodness, that is incredible!!!!
    - We were at Chris Tomlin too - I took my daughter for her 10th birthday (it was on the actual day) and her 2 best friends. what a fantastic concert!
    - I recognize your granddaughter in the orange dress from the recital! My daughter also dances with LOFT :)
    - I wasn't at the vow renewal (we attend South Abby and I work there), but I heard it was absolutely amazing. how wonderful!

    1. Kelly! I am kicking myself now that I didn't call out to you. I thought you walked by me at the recital. I was coming back from picking up coffee's at Lepp's and you passed me and after you passed it hit me that you looked so familiar. I'm sorry that I didn't.

      Thanks so much for checking in.

    2. Oh my - I walked right past you and didn't see you??? I'M sorry! I must have had complete tunnel vision! :)

  11. WOW .. Lovella .. I know one thing about your month - YOU were NOT bored ! ... what an exciting month it was, filled with such a variety of lovely things ... (except for the manure pit, of course :-)) Your flowers, the unending food (amazing), your dresses never worn by 'daughters' but more special worn by granddaughters!

  12. Oh my goodness that photo of the ducklings is adorable. And those ribs look AMAZING!!


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