"my special"

Once upon a time. . .
my friend Linda gifted me with this sweet little china lass.
It had been given to her by a dear old family friend.
Why she gave it to me. ..I can not remember.
I think she knew I had a tender spot for things lacy and sentimental in nature.
With no girls of my own .. she might have thought I needed something that would touch my feminine heart.
The wee china lass came to me undressed . ..
so I sewed it a rather hasty little frock and stood her up amongst my pretty things in my china cabinet.

Several years later . .
her daughter and my son. ..fell in love. . .and soon my friend and I were standing beside our children at the altar. . .blessing their marriage.

Linda and I share something very precious.
My grandgirlie and little miss muffet are her  granddaughters too.

Yesterday when grandgirlie was over .. .
we shared a spot of tea with my new tiny tea set that was given to me for my birthday.
I smiled when it was given to me.
The giver had no way of knowing it matched perfectly with the little table runner that my friend Linda just made for my birthday this year.

At some point during tea. .
Grandgirlie spotted the wee little china lass and with in a gentle voice called it
 "my special". ..as though she found a lost possession.
Since I felt some concern for the well being of the wee little china lass I tried to turn the attention elsewhere but try as I might. .
she would not forget the china lass.
She assumed it was hers. . .and of course it really is.

I thought yesterday again how the Lord knew of the course my life would take.
He knew that the girl I shared grade nine Physics with thirty-seven years ago . would one day be the friend I would share granddaughters with.

I feel rather sentimental about the wee china lass.
It isn't really mine anymore. ..
and knowing it would soon be leaving. .
I took a few photos . .
to remember her by.

all for now . .


  1. The wee china tea set and the table runner were meant to be a pair! As for the wee china lass and the wee grandgirlie...it looks like they were meant to be a pair as well. Sweet.

  2. Looks like it must be tea party season.....last week Judy posted her tea party along with her new little tea set....and this week you put on a wee tea. Those little ones love tea parties! Your set is so pretty.

  3. Ahh Lovella, a lovely tea time with grandgirlie. Those precious hands holding the china lass..
    Love the tea set and the runner.

  4. Oh what a sweet turn of events and intertwining of your lives! That runner is so perfect with the little tea set. Love this!

  5. What a "special" post, Lovella.
    You remind me that I need to get another wee tea set for my grandgirls.
    It is missing some pieces.
    Their favorite thing to play with at Mimi's house.
    Maybe I should sew a sweet runner as well.
    I'll let you know if I do.

  6. Awwww...how sweet of you to let her leave! The color combinations are so springy and pretty. I'm sure that your grandgirlie was totally enchanted by the tea party you were both enjoying. Sigh. Wonder if boys ever wish for tea parties?

    (I hang onto everything I can because those grands just have a way about them. Still, I've lost a few marbles...glass ones...and a few trucks.

    My son's mother-in-law was also my friend as she was my next-door neighbor for years. She has added a third grandson to her brood and somehow, crazy me, I'm having a hard time not thinking of the little fellow as mine, too. )

  7. Beautiful story for all of you involved!
    The doll seems like just the right size right now for small hands.

  8. I think that is the neatest story that you and your friend now share grandchildren. Purple must be "the color" this year at your house!!!!

  9. This is a very pretty and sweet post, Lovella. The doll, tea set and runner are all darling but the most darling thing of all is your grand daughter's hands in the photos!

  10. That is the sweetest story! I feel like my heart just had a nice little hug.
    Moments with our grandchildren are so lovely, and how terrific it is that you have such a wonderful longtime friendship added in the mix!

  11. It's a small world after all! Talk about crazy connections...God has a way of orchestrating things quite beautifully, doesn't he? From Grade 9 to Grandma! Very special indeed!

  12. awww...

    that brought tears through smiles:)

    "my special" so sweet!! I'm looking forward to tea parties again someday!

  13. This post was truly special. What a lovely inheritance for your granddaughters - a legacy of pretty things and best of all, a legacy of friendship.

  14. It's always fun to read about the sentimental pieces...in our lives that draw us back together again over and over.
    Great choice of a tea set. I would absolutely have no clue...I never had a tea set.
    I don't know about tea parties accept at Appledoorns.
    Are you thinking I missed out on the finer things of life? Too many brothers...for me.

  15. Oh, you know I love these kind of stories...the intertwining of lives ... love the way grandgirlie thought the China Lass was special too ... and one day she will know why.

  16. What a sweet story! You are one talented lady! You even know how to sew tiny dresses for china dolls. Grandgirlie is one fortunate girl. I like the purple.


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