the beginning and end of day one

A tropical vacation at the end of winter is not that unusual for Canadians.
We have done it a few times before around our anniversary but this time we invited our dearest ones to share the ocean breezes...
experience the feeling of sand sticking to wet toes..
and witness the sweet realization that there is ice cream ready to scoop whenever. 

they stuck close to each other.
Somethings don't change that quickly and now the three oldest explored the gate and compared the information they had gathered about the flight they would experience for the first time ...

He watched the horizon..
and I watched him.

The day flew by...

and by the time we rolled into the resort the weary tot was carried.

Imagine dreaming you are flying to a place with a suitcase of flip flops and swim suits and sunscreen and happy expectations...
and then waking up and realizing your dream is coming true.

That is how the first day began...
and ended.

I'll take my sweet time remembering this vacation.
There were no exciting excursions so don't tune in hoping to see where we went.

We took an excursion to a vacation.

Someday they'll want to remember it too and they'll see it here on Grammie's blog.

all for now...


  1. Interesting how the most precious views shift from landscapes and clouds to faces. This is going to be such fun going to Mexico with you!

  2. I agree with Vee. It will be fun to see the family enjoying each other and 'exploring' the experience of a winter vacation to a warm place. I'll be waiting for the next instalment.

  3. Its all delight, isn't it? Precious times.

    Thanks for letting us have a peek into your vacation.


  4. Oh what a wonderful times Lovella! Their Grammies blog is priceless!

  5. So glad your dream came true! The memories will live on...thanks for sharing them here for us to see.

  6. It will be wonderful for them to relive the fun times at Grammie's blog!

  7. So wonderful for you! and what amazing memories will have been made!

  8. Looks like the kind of holidays enjoyed by all of you. It's fun to see how your time has unfolded and how these special memories will play out in their minds. So special...The excursion is "getting their"

  9. I'm so happy that you all got to do this!!!! Boy, after a winter like this everyone was in need of this kind of refreshment. What fun to travel with all the grands!!! Reminds me of our Scotland trip and all the kids on the plane. :) Can't wait to see more....

  10. OH the memories you built and captured for years to come. Enjoyed seeing the beginning....looking forward to all the in betweens.

  11. OH the memories you built and captured for years to come. Enjoyed seeing the beginning....looking forward to all the in betweens.

  12. I love the photo of your grandson looking out the window, especially.


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