a fork in the y

Yesterday was  a spectacular day here in the valley.
We've been looking at our tulip tree in the backyard and have wondered many a time why we didn't prune off that left leaning branch when it was still in its infancy stage and would have hardly noticed the quick clip of it's limb.

It makes us a tad nervous while we sit in our tent during the summer months with the branches heavy with leaves and a good summer wind blowing from the west.

He decided he would have his own tree trimming party. .
turned on the music loud. .
and went to get the ladder.

He called me to come witness the evidence that he had been right all along and this branch was just waiting for the right moment to whack us on the head.

We wisely avoided that one.

Good times!

Later in the evening he suggested that I should use the blog to start my own list of euphemisms.
He narrowly avoided the swat coming his way.
He saw it coming.
I guess he's good at knowing when something is about to whack him in the head.

all for now...


  1. Good thing that that was brought down. Yikes.

    You sound just like my cousin-in-law. She was born and raised in Alberta. So I guess to a trained ear there would be some distinctions...to an untrained ear, you and she sound very much alike. Loved hearing your cheerful, delightfully feminine voice!

  2. Love hearing your voice. You are cracking me up "a Y in the fork" My family was just making fun of my twist on sayings. I'm glad the pruning was successful :o)

  3. Lovella, great blog...What time of day was that... a fork where? Let me tell you about the farmer's fork...Know I better not...I loved your giggling.
    You always know when a man is right!

  4. It's a good thing that branch was brought down or you really might have had it through the roof!
    Your laughter made me laugh!

  5. Well there you go...another fun thing added to your blog. Glad the problem with the Y is now taken care of. It was a beautiful day here in our part of the valley too. I should have done some pruning.

  6. Thanks for your comment on my blog. :-)

    This video is great! Never having met you lovely MGCC ladies, it was a treat to hear your voice. I love to hear that Canadian accent! I can completely relate to mixing up those cliches. I am constantly doing that. In fact, it took me a couple seconds to realize that what you were saying wasn't right!! LOL

  7. Fun to hear you laughing!! Where were your boys to snicker and tease. Mine love to catch me up on things like that.

    Good call on T's part!

  8. At our house that twist on an old saying would become the new saying and eventually we might even forget who said it first. Loved hearing your voice on the video.

  9. I thought it was just me that mixed up sayings like that! Loved hearing your laugh!


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