January 2018

Hello friends!  

What a month of precipitation!  

A year ago it was the snow and this year it was rain and frozen rain.  

253.9 mm of rain.

I found myself thinking that if I had a big party I could pop these ready-made branchicles into the punch to keep it icy cold.  

The saddest part about the ice storm was the loss of all the branches.  
No trees were completely lost but many of them are now lopsided and feeling rather like they have just had a humiliating buzz cut. 


 It did all get cleaned up and we are hopeful that spring will fill out the trees.  

We are left with these beautiful branches that we will use in various ways and share with others who have a good use for them.

We spent some time cheering for this little basketball player.  
Chances are, you will see more basketball playing photos in the years to come.

I don't have statistics for the hours of sunshine but let me tell you... they were few and far between.  
The sunset on this day was spectacular and had I not been in the passenger seat, this photo might have even been clear! 

We went one evening with our care group to see the Chinese Lantern festival.  It was one of the dry evenings in January so it was busy and cold but lots of fun! 

  I've always delighted in growing houseplants and when they do well and I'm refreshed! 

We had the opportunity to pick up the great lummox one morning and bring him to Grammies for a wee holiday. 

I bought him a new bed and did my utmost to convince him to love it! 
He like many of the other tots that come to our farm, let me know that the outdoors are preferable to the indoors.  

This is his look of pure delight!  

Kobe takes the shenanigans all in good humour. 

Some of the magnolia blossoms that broke off the bush have started to bloom inside.

The rocker in the background was a fun find at a vintage shop.  

We were treated to a dance recital with ballet, hip-hop and jazz.
Oh, how I love that they are learning to move with rhythm and grace. 

We celebrated a day off school with a tea party.  
A few of the dresses I wore at their age came out of the closet and were worn for the occasion.

And now it is February 1st and the promise of blossom season has begun!

I nearly forgot my promise to keep you in the loop with my transition to my natural hair colour.  It doesn't really seem much different to me yet from last month. I am really enjoying the texture of my hair and the bits of silver showing through!  

Have a really wonderful February!  

with love,


  1. I had to convert all that rain to inches...nearly ten! It’s a wonder that you didn’t all float away. Hopefully, February means sun in your corner; it means snow in mine. Well done on all the clean-up. May the trees rebound to good health going forward. Poor things. Always fun to see basketball players and dancers and big lummoxes. He did indeed look thrilles to be outside.

  2. Love the transition your hair is making. That Lenten Rose looks so sturdy and healthy, beautiful. You managed January well even with the weather. Basketball is a good sport to have in the winter so you can enjoy it inside a gym! Love the rocker!

  3. Your "little" great dane looks so mature! And I love how the magnolia buds opened up inside your warm kitchen. They remind me to look for beauty in the sadness.

  4. Oh such wonderful pictures of that ice-storm! The magnolia buds that you coaxed to bloom are just amazing ... beauty from the storm. I love, love the tea party picture - so sweet! Your hair looks awesome Lovella - the last hair cut "almost" was a decision maker for me and then I chickened out. I think I would be totally white except for one black streak. You are inspiring me to reconsider again.

  5. Hi Lovella,
    A lovely synopsis of the month!
    And I recognize one of the dancers..well both.. but one I got to know very well!😀

  6. I always enjoy your monthly re-caps...a reminder of how much can happen in one short month. From extreme weather to fun with family and friends...to the transitioning hair colour...you documented January well! Oh...and the healthy spider plant gives me hope for my ‘wee offspring’.

  7. I came to read your February post and re read through January....I had not left a comment. Those memories, especially of the ice storm seem so long ago already..even though our colder weather is hanging around. From dogs, to pretty grand daughters and lovely blooms even during the cold season, you have captured great memories.


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