December 2017

Happy New Year dear friends!

I'm so late getting this post out that I nearly forgot I hadn't yet. 

We always begin December by putting up our tree.  I love the fresh greens and the twinkly lights to brighten the early evenings.

Our MGCC group (sadly without Betty and Charlotte) celebrated early at Anneliese's.

Our guys are pro's already and know that they will be called on to take pictures. 
As you can see, we all like pictures on our own devices. 

The two of us managed to sneak away for a night and then got some Christmas shopping done. 

Look who turned 10!  TEN!  Wow.. it really does go as fast as people said it would. 
We love this dear boy for his kindness, sensitive heart and love for Jesus. 

We enjoyed having several different parties at our house.  Our community group is always fun and they participated in a Whistle Band that I organized.  

It's always fun to make our rounds and see how the kids have decorated their trees.

This year with their new baby puppy,  they kept things simple.
He enjoyed his new "water hole" very much. 

We sort of prided ourselves that we could have lunch out on a patio in December.  

Indeed, pride does come before the fall.

Our oldest two littles (who are TEN) were both in the choir band.

I tried my best to be nonchalant about taking photos of them.
Most grandparents are careful to observe concert ettiquette. 

I'll give you a dollar if you can find all five!  

Sadly, I am misleading you because this is only about half the choir and they didn't all make it into one shot. 

We enjoyed an evening of appy's and dessert with my siblings.

Who are they you ask?
My brother Bob on the far left, then is Mary who is married to my brother Ken on the loveseat.
Dolly on the left side of the couch, who is married to Bob.   Heidi is sitting on the couch as well.  She is married to my brother Gerry.
And of course... Terry is trying not to have his head in the way of anyone elses.

Do you ever get hungry for something at the suggestion of someone else?
My niece texted me to see where she could get baking ammonia on the 23rd. 
I looked at my supply and saw that I didn't even have enough for a full batch.
I gave her my regular baking ammonia suppliers and then kept thinking about Peppermint cookies.
I made a small batch to fit the amount of ammonia I had. 
Baking cookies on the 24th actually really does make it seem like Christmas. 

This was our Christmas card this year.
It seemed like I was forever trying to take a selfie with someone so having a selfie card seemed the thing to do. 

This was Christmas Day.
Those nice brown hens lay everyday...
including Christmas Day. 

When he came in at lunch,  I had a special brunch ready for two.

 We spent Christmas Day on our own.
It was quiet and I enjoyed getting the feast ready for the next day.

On the 26th, we celebrated with our whole family.
Terry's sister and Brother in law came from the island. 

It's hard getting a selfie with 14 people. 
Just saying.

While we cleaned up the dinner these sweeties settled in family room to watch a movie.

I'm standing in front of the TV.  ha ha...

Then we called them to come join us to open gifts.

The pups joined us too.  

Big and small both. 

Our gift opening was pleasantly civilized and truly enjoyable.

I do my best to get all the gifts for one person in one box. 
They sit in the leather arm chair and open while we watch. 

Sometimes, they even take breaks in between to go try on their presents.

It occurred to me that I've been buying play dough for quite a few years already.

They still enjoy it and we were presented with lots of offers of delectable treats. 

The next day,  this dear family went on a Missions Trip.  
They should be arriving back in a few hours.  

While they were away, we enjoyed lots of evenings curled up in our family room.

You know how that is when they talk about possible ice storms and it never happens?

Well, they were right! 

When the rain started I went out and was so sad to see our beautiful white birch had a single branch hanging low over our fence!

Within a few hours, I heard a crack in the backyard and ran out to see this beautiful magnolia that we uprooted and brought with us to the farm 23 years ago.

It still is not a massive tree but see how many rings?

It typically blooms amazingly in spring and then sprouts out flowers occasionally all summer long.

I'm waiting for an arborist to come see if it can be saved.  

Meanwhile,  the cracking and splitting continued.

This is the tulip tree in the front yard.  This is taken through the window as I often do.

The power went out and we needed to keep the generator full of diesel. 
He wasn't taking any chances and wanted that tank kept half full all the time.

On one particular diesel run we found ourselves driving far onto the shoulder to avoid the heavy ice coated power lines.

The next day I wondered why I was crying the blues at the bent limb. 

These limbs snapped at their bend.

The fence was beautiful.

The ice coated magnolia buds were beautiful. 

The big oak tree looked like it had been caught in a massive fan. 

Oh Kobe!

We walked to the back of the property and every time an ice cube fell into the water from the trees, she thought it was a stick and went swimming for it.
She didn't go in just once.

Here is where I am asking her what she is thinking.
I asked her if she was a polar bear? 

These children know better.

I had mercy on her.  

The view out the front window wasn't getting any better. 

The view out the back once the sun poked through the dark clouds looked ominous. 

An eagle sat up in the tree looking out for a stray chicken. 

The house was coated.

The tree that is as tall as the house and was planted to hide the end of the house where the siding isn't great hung over the fence.

Another lost cause.

We walked the field, stomping hard to break through the ice. 
Well, I stomped hard, she just scooted along like she was born for this weather.

Another magnolia was shortened by half it's size. 

I kept saying how beautiful it was.
I was the only one at the farm saying that. 

To finish off the year, we invited the threesome over for a sleepover. 

As we enter 2018 I wish you a most wonderful year.

My goal for this year is that I will know God's plan for my life is for my good and His glory.  

And finally, because I love a change and  because I am entering my last year before turning 6-0-,  
I am embracing my natural hair color and thought I might give you and me a monthly update on how the hairstyle is coming along.  


  1. Lovella, you’ll be a beautiful blonde. ☺️ I am in awe of all that beauty and destruction wrapped up together. You documented it well. Happy 2018!

  2. Wow, so so beautiful and destructive at the same time. Glad you and your family were safe during these storms. Sorry about the beautiful trees. Loved seeing all the great family and friend fellowship you enjoyed in December.

  3. Those ice pictures are spectacular! Especially the ones with the sun shining on the ice. Wow! Hope your magnolia trees will recover.

  4. Oh I enjoyed this post and seeing all your celebrations over the holidays. The ice storm, though so destructive, certainly makes for beautiful photos! Happy January to you!

  5. It was a true December with all that you can imagine packed in and more ... I loved seeing your life through your lens. Looks like you and I were both clicking away at the ice magic. I do hope your magnolia tree can recover, and I can imagine your sadness about that white birch!

  6. I had Almost given up on seeing a December post here, and now I almost missed it! That would have been a shame! Beautiful photos of all your December comings and goings, and especially of the ice-storm. Hope your yard can recover from all that damage!

    Great recap of December...and I look forward to your monthly blog posts in 2018.

  7. Christmas comes and Christmas goes and comes again -- every year adding its own specialness of memories .... and ... Sad that something so beautiful as ice can be so destructive !!

  8. What a wonderful post Lovella! Your ice-storm pictures are stunning. It was such fun seeing your family and the Christmas celebrations and gatherings. I can't believe that you have two grands that have turned 10! When I saw your last picture of the hair I smiled because I have been thinking the exact same thoughts about mine (except mine is 66 years old already -eek). I have been debating this and have yet to make the plunge. You have inspired me ... Happy New Year dear friend.

  9. It's nearly end of January. I'm late with my visit. What a December you had. From fun concerts to family times. Love seeing your grand kids growing and changing. The ice storm made for some beauty and some devastation. Your home always looks so nice in every season. Smiling at the wee pup peeking out from under the protection of a pillow while the big pup sprawled out.


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