March 2016

March always begins with our anniversary celebration which is a meal made by both of us and enjoyed by candlelight with quiet music and, at least, an hour at the table talking about our hopes and dreams!

We were invited to brunch at T and B's with the whole family one Saturday morning. 

They have room for a kids table and that was quite a novelty for them and for us too! 

I just enjoyed the afternoon of chatting and drinking tea ....

and being served by the local "fabric food" tea house girls. 

I came home with the beautiful coasters that the were made with love!

A few days later we went into Vancouver for a few days.

We walked the Stanley Park seawall. 

Though the forecast was looking mostly for rainy skies we managed well to dodge the showers and spent most of our days outside. 

The flower beds in early March were already so beautiful. 

Every year when we spend these days in Vancouver, we walk through the streets with the beautiful historical homes that are on streets lined with Cherry Blossoms. 

The Olympic flames were lit on one day to celebrate something. 

We stayed at a place right in Coal Harbour and enjoyed a table with a view at the restaurant right next door. 

When the view is this pretty from my bed,  we sleep with the drapes cracked open to enjoy it from the moment we wake up. 

Just another beautiful area to walk with lots of blossoms. 

The annual gala at our Poultry conference is always a highlight for us.

Who doesn't love a chance to dress in our best now and then and enjoy a wonderful meal with family and friends?

This isn't exactly photo bombing but somehow it was fun taking a picture of them doing a selfie.

 The west coast MGCC girls met together to celebrate Ellen's birthday on a blustery Sunday afternoon.

I baked hot cross buns because we love them!

The flowers are so wonderful this time of year. 

The yard is fragrant with magnolia blossoms.

My little forsythia that I planted last year did it's very best!

I was given this beautiful orchid for my birthday and so I colored eggs to match and slipped on the Easter Egg wraps that Ellen gave me.

I totally forgot to make bunny ear napkins this Easter but I did come up with a fun place card posy for each person around the table. 

We had our family Easter on the weekend before Easter. 

I made Rhubarb Platz to go with our Easter meal. 
Fresh Rhubarb!
I love living on the west coast.

sometimes the west coast is called the wet coast and on the day we celebrated it was too wet to hide the Easter fun outside. 

That didn't make the job any easier for them though and it kept them busy for a good long while. 
Who knew a little bungalow could have so many hiding spots?  
Now they know. 

Bea brought crafts for the kids to do since it was clear that it would be an indoor day.

There was the traditional sprinkle your own Paska event!

The little girls learned how to make pom poms.

A month of so ago, my beloved cut down a bunch of low branches off of  blossoming cherry tree that we replanted at the back of the property after it went wild on us. 
The blossoms have gone from pink to white but I still enjoy them so much each year and don't feel at all guilty for cutting branches to open up inside.

We went to the car show again this year.
Car shopping is among my least favourite things to do but it is fun to look when I know it's just looking.

Robert Bateman was there painting scenes on a vehicle that he and a friend once drove around the world.

We went to visit the kids one weekend while they were camping up at Golden Ears campsite. 

Just so you know... the campground folks frown upon driving the family to the hiking trail.

Who knew?

I'm including this photo because the hike was an hour one way.
On the way back the littlest (still full of amazing energy and words) claimed he couldn't walk another step.

All of a sudden I saw my beloved come around the corner with this limp body.

I wondered...

until they got close enough.

The sparkle in his eyes is the best.

So then I got smart and gave Grandpa the bag of Mini Eggs and sent him up ahead to leave an egg now and then for finding.

Before he knew it, the hike was over!

I love this boy!

When our church advertised that those that would come to the 7 AM Easter service would be served Tim Bits, Anneliese texted me to say that maybe we should provide little Paska Buns.

So on Saturday before the evening service we started mixing up 5 batches of Paska at 4 PM and put it in the big bowl to rise while we went to the 5:30 service.

After church at 7 the bowl looked like this.

We asked a few good bun pinchers to come help us pinch off buns.

633 buns.

We set them on racks to cool.

Then Anneliese and I and our two good men iced the Paska and tucked it away for the 7 AM Easter service.

We left the church at 10 PM.

If they ask us to do it again next year I think we'll say yes!

On Sunday after church, we had our siblings over for Easter brunch.

And that my dear friends, 
pretty much sums up my month of March.

I wish you all  a blessed April.

All for now, 
with love,


  1. Wow, oh Wow!!! What a fun post Lovella! I shrieked when I saw that batch of paska dough that had risen - now that's a batch of paska!!! You ladies have so much energy - what a great idea. I still haven't figured out the pinching of the dough. Your pictures are just beautiful and I love that you two take time to cook together and sit and talk on your anniversary - that's the sweetest thing. You are such a great example of true love. Your grandchildren are just darling and growing like weeds. What an amazing thing to meet Robert Bateman! Love the picture of you and the grands on the mossy fallen trees - stunning! XO

  2. That was one amazing batch of Paska. I made ours this year, too, even giving some away. I do like that method of pinching off rolls that I learned from Anneliese. I put mine in a muffin tin, but you're giving me ideas!

    It is always fun to see your family times. Good idea for getting the grandson to move on his own steam. It might even work for me! The grandchildren love being with you and in your home. The love is obvious. I'd say that you had another wonderful month and may April bring many blessings. I envy you the rhubarb already. Ours is not yet through the ground.

  3. I sent my family the photo of you and Anneliese with that big tub of paska dough! They were all so impressed! Love all the great moments this month held for you and yours. I see your boy is donning a beard like our Josh. Such a fun trend. Your grands are really growing up. So fun to have sat in the same restaurant with the same views. Love your Easter table...

  4. Isn't if fun to document so many wonderful activities in one month? I am simply blown away by the large batch of dough....using a machine looks like a good idea and you had lots of help. Many memories for everyone inside and outside, rain or shine. Enjoy while I cuddle in the Sierra mountains.

  5. That was certainly worth sitting down to with a cup of tea - decaf Earl Gray, as it is nearly 11 pm!
    That bowl of paska dough might qualify for some sort of record! My goodness - lucky Easter church goers.
    It looks like you had a very happy Easter and wonderful month of March, filled with family love.

  6. What an amazing bowl of paska dough! I can imagine the lovely yeasty scent filling the church kitchen and wafting out over the neighbourhood. Love the cute little place holders you had for your table. Isn't it something to go camping in March? What wonderful weather we've been having. Happy April to you, Lovella.

  7. Oh I enjoyed this post and all your photos Lovella. What a busy month you had but so enjoyable. Have a happy April!

  8. Love the pic of the exuberant grands with their Easter goodies in your kitchen! You documented the month well...from outings and the beauty around you throughout the month. I'm quite sure you will be called upon to bake Paska for the multitudes again next year. Wow!

  9. Wow! What a month! How you fit in stuff that is not fun on top of all of that, I can't imagine, but I know you also clean your floors, wash sheets, cook all that amazing food and keep on top of office work. We have so much to be thankful for at this stage of our lives and one of them is the blessing of friendship.

  10. I'm quite certain that I write this almost every time you post...but you live in such a beautiful place in the world!! I would love to come back someday for another visit, it's just so beautiful there in BC. Your flowers are gorgeous, and I love that magnolia tree. Looks like you had many moments of joy with your family this month.

  11. Looks like a full and fun month. Looking back I can see where you feel so blessed in many ways. Really enjoyed all the pictures and memories you shared attached to them. Your yard is so bright and pretty already.

  12. OH my goodness!!! Thanks so much for sharing a glimpse of your March. Looks like a great month! You have a preciously beautiful family!!! And I loved the Vancouver pictures. I've never been to Canada, but it certainly is gorgeous!!!! Blessings from Missouri!

  13. Such fun activities you enjoyed this month. Our West Coast Spring has been especially beautiful this year with less rain and more sunshine to make those blossoms sparkle. You've captured the beauty so well, Lovella.


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