October 2015

I've put my shorts and flip flops away and put on my muck boots for walking around the yard.
Fall arrived with  a beauty that never fails to amaze me.

My walks around the property in the mornings now leave trails of where I've come from.

The hummingbirds that chose to not migrate are eager to visit and enjoy the nectar provided. 

Our Thanksgiving table was full of those we love.

We have much to be thankful for and know that God has blessed us and all of it undeserved.

I just had to include a photo of this precious child who smiles a lot except when his van is pulling into the preschool parking lot.  Perhaps by next month I'll have something different to report as to his love of school.

On the night before the election we went to the Conservative rally to see the Harpers and wish our own Ed Fast all the best for the next day.  

Imagine our surprise when we got to the booth and discovered our riding had changed and there was someone else to vote for!

The political posts on Facebook have slowly ebbed away.

In the days following the election I wrote to Prime Minister Harper and wished him and his family the very best and thanked him for his diligent job as our Prime Minister.

I also wrote to Mr Trudeau to congratulate him and assured him that we would be support him in prayer as he begins this overwhelming task of being our new Prime Minister. 

Time will tell. 

One early Sunday morning I thought our barns were collapsing.

It was a terrifically loud crash. 

It was only a vehicle crashing through our fence.

He didn't stick around to share in our shock. 

As you can see from his tracks he nearly stayed at the scene and he's very lucky his tracks were not just to the left into that pole. 

The police didn't come but one called and left a message on my cell phone and said to call them if we had any firm evidence. 

Since I had his phone number I texted him photos and included this piece of car that was left behind.

We haven't heard anything.

We've had the fence fixed.

 Last Sunday we took a drive through the Canyon to see if there was still some fall foliage to enjoy.

When we go to Manning Park we take the #3.
When we go to Summerland we take the #5
When we take the Canyon route we take the #1.

Taking the canyon reminds me of the many times I drove this route as a child with my parents and the series of tunnels that take us through the canyon.
My Mom would always announce which tunnel was next. I read the signs as I haven't them memorized but think of her each time.

The Fraser River flows below with railway tracks on either side of the river.

The leaves had mostly fallen but every now and then in a sheltered area there were gorgeous splashes of colour and my capable driver would pull over so I could hop out and take a few shots.

The scenery was truly lovely.

On the road between Spences Bridge and Merit, horses roam the range free and we had to stop to allow them to cross the road.

We stopped along the river for a while and walked in the leaves. 

Someone else gets credit for leaving these Inukshuks to greet us.

We stopped at the Othello Tunnels where the railway once ran through the canyon. 

We've passed these tunnels so many times and this was the first time we stopped to walk through them. 

There were some truly beautiful fall days and we took full advantage of them by cleaning up the yard and getting ready for rainy days ahead. 

I picked the last of the tomatoes and basil and made a delicious sauce.

We rototilled the garden and I harvested a bunch of parsley and made chicken broth for the freezer.

We planted our garlic. (at the right time we think)

We watched for the flocks of geese and ducks migrating south. 

This last weekend we celebrated our oldest grandson's birthday.

The weather forecast didn't look promising at all.

Invitations had been sent out and the boys would be coming rain or shine.

There is not much a Grandpa won't do for a grandson is there?

This grandpa made a derby car track and had cars ready to be painted and raced.

So he's technically not eight years old yet but his party has come and he had a lot of fun... even with a broken wrist!

And the rain?

It didn't.

What a blessing to be able to have the wiener roast outside. 

Later the cousins arrived and the family party continued. 

The kids couldn't get enough of this apple bobbing and by the time they were done...
they were drenched. 

We celebrated the son and the dad.

At the end of the day we lit the candles which lit the forest on fire which was eventually put out.

And that was October 2015.

So much to be thankful for!

The clocks have been set back and we're ready for the month ahead. 

Have a wonderful November my friends.

all for now... 


  1. Awww, great photos of father and son...great beard! Wonderful family photos around the Thanksgiving table, too. Your commentary on the fence made me chuckle. Hope that perhaps your insurance company can light a fire under someone's keister. (Combined with Judy's story about the police report, it does give one pause.) A blessed November to you!

  2. Beautiful photos of family, travels, celebrations and nature. You've had a blessed month indeed! Well, I guess whoever hit your fence and destroyed it should be thankful he didn't hit the power pole! What a mess for you and I do hope the piece of evidence can account for something in insurance to cover the repairs. I imagine the vehicle was in pretty bad shape. I wish you a blessed November!

  3. Amei conhecer o seu blog encantador, já fiquei por aqui!!!Achei maravilhoso!!!
    Siga-me e pegue o meu selinho!!!


    Beijos Marie.

  4. Such a event filled October! Love the photos of those horses. Fabulous! Your Thanksgiving table looked so full and wonderful. It's going to be fun to see the roads that little pre-school snubbing guy takes in life!!

  5. I too really liked those horse photos. I can't remember the last time we walked through the Othello tunnels, glad you were able to enjoy some of your walks and party activities without the rain. By the looks of it the kids got wet without the rain:) Beautiful family....and so nice they all live near for family times together. Who would even consider continuing on their 'joy ride' without stopping to pick up the pieces and make things right? Thankfully no one was hurt. I'll be back here at the end of November.

  6. What an interesting month - and a lovely pictorial capture of important moments. I love it!

  7. How beautiful. Your family is so blessed. Sorry about the fence, but thankful no one in your family was around when it happened. As to the driver, I am a believer in the Bible that promises we reap what we sow. I will pray for this young man/woman. I think they need it. I love the pictures of the Canadian countryside. What a beautiful place. I've never been to Canada, but I hope to visit one day. Blessings my sweet sister in the Lord. He is so good!

  8. Lovella, thanks for sharing your month in a nutshell! I always look forward to your end of the month posts. Love the pic of you with your stylish orange scarf in front of the Othello Tunnel!

  9. Oh what a fun month! Love the photos of the hummingbirds, family around the table, the horses running and you two at the Othello Tunnels. . .
    The Birthday party turned out so well too! I have to smile that Vee caught on to the disparity between the police checking out Judy and her
    granddaughter on the bridge, yet not coming to check out a broken fence.

  10. It was a treat to go through the month-in-review with you and your family. The photo of you in the gorgeous orange scarf is a keeper! You are the picture of autumn!

  11. So nice to read about your October! It was another busy month for you and your family. I love the picture of you two in front of the tunnel - beautiful! That must have been such a shock to have your fence damaged like that - I guess it was too minor in the police department's view?? I think I would be taking that piece of metal to some collision shops and do some investigating on my own.
    Your Thanksgiving gathering looks so warm and inviting and what a fantastic birthday party that was planned for your sweet grandson - hope his wrist heals quickly. The apple bobbling pictures are wonderful - I love how you celebrate!!! All the best in November dear one ....

  12. Can't believe you get hummingbirds to stay around! Ours left so long ago. Loved the pictures of the family at Thanksgiving. What a mess of the fence! That is hard and frustrating when there doesn't seem to be a way for justice to be done. Oh I love the derby car race track!!!! I want to do that when I have grandkids! ;)

  13. Thank you for all the moments of time that you blessed me with, in these early morning hours, as I spent time here on your beautiful, inspiring, and thought provoking blog! I found it all so interesting, along with my hot cup of coffee. I did not know that there were winter hummingbirds, and I liked how kind your husband was to warm up the water for them. I liked the books you read and the thoughts you shared about each one. I liked the creative race track that you built for your grandson's birthday party, and the smiles on the little guy's faces. The free range horses were something I never heard of, and I can't imagine how it would be to see them roving the mountains.

    Thanks so much for sharing bits and pieces of your life! The picture of you and your husband at the tunnels, was a really good picture!

    Happy New Year to you and your family!


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